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Delver's Row is a task in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Hidden deep in the belly of the Gullet hides Delver's Row. Cloaked from prying eyes, criminals and black market traders here peddle their illicit goods.


  • The goal of this task is simply to find Delver's Row. Speak to Prince Aruihi, Pitli, or Enoi to start the quest.
  • A number of people in The Gullet will give you leads (including Pitli, Enoi, Sedūzo, and the Beggar by the west exit), which ultimately all lead to Fyrna, who you've been told has the exact details.
  • Head to The Hole and talk to Fyrna. She's baffled that you'd want to go to such a dangerous place, and says that it's somewhere within the labyrinthine passageways known as The Narrows.
    • If you have at least Good (1) reputation with The Gullet, she trusts you, and will continue to give you directions.
    • Otherwise she's hesitant to tell you any more out of fear for Dereo's wrath. You can convince her with:
      • Streetwise 2, to reassure her that no one will question her loyalty.
      • Bribe her with Copper pands (cp)250 (or Copper pands (cp)100 if you have Diplomacy 3).
  • Another option is to show Fyrna the Envoy's Badge.
  • Last option, if you already have access to Dereo the Lean (see Dereo's lair), speaking to him after acquiring the Cornett of Waves (during The Cornett's Call) will allow you to ask for directions. Doing so will start the quest if it wasn't already started.

Finding Delver's Row

  • The Narrows can be entered from the southwestern point of The Gullet, and can be explored at any time. They aren't very complex, so it's pretty easy to stumble upon the entrance to Delver's Row by chance, even without knowing the directions. Either way, enter the Narrows, turn right, then go forward until you reach a merchant stall.
    • If you didn't get the directions from Fyrna, you'll need a Watcher-only Streetwise 6 or Perception 18 upon inspecting the stall, in order to reveal the entrance hidden behind the curtain. This check is repeatable, so you can come back once you meet the requirements.
    • If you got the directions from Fyrna or Dereo, you'll know what to look for. The checks needed to discover the hidden passage will be waived.
  • Proceed through the curtains behind the stall, only to be approached by a trio of hooded thugs. They demand a toll in order to proceed. Your options are:
    • Pay the toll of Copper pands (cp)50.
    • Diplomacy 4 - Convince them that open markets are vital to a healthy economy, and that they shouldn't turn away customers who are willing to pay for the many goods and services in Delver's Row.
    • Bluff 3 - Tell them that you've already paid the toll to a man with a scar.
    • Attack - This puts you in a staging area used specifically for the fight, and you lose minor reputation with Delver's Row Criminals.
    • You may also freely pass with the following conditions:
  • Finally, exit to Delver's Row in order to complete the quest.


ID Objectives
0 Delver's Row
10000 Hidden deep in the belly of the Gullet hides Delver's Row. Cloaked from prying eyes, criminals and black market traders here peddle their illicit goods.
1 Uncover the route to Delver's Row.
10001 Rumors speak of an illicit market in the Gullet called Delver's Row. Someone is bound to know how to reach the secretive market, should I ask around.
20000 Pitli suggested that I ask around at the tavern in the Gullet.
20001 Captain Sedūzo indicated that the barkeep at the tavern might know.
20002 Biha said Delver's Row is somewhere in the Narrows. She also recommended I ask Enoi.
20003 Enoi's hut is just southwest of Biha's.
20004 Enoi told me someone at the tavern might know how to find Delver's Row.
20005 Fyrna told me I could find Delver's Row in the Narrows.
20006 With a little coaxing, Fyrna gave me directions to Delver's Row - enter the Narrows, turn right, then go forward until I find a merchant stall. The entrance is behind a curtain.
2 Enter Delver's Row via the Narrows.
10002 I learned that Delver's Row can be accessed via a secret alley. The alley is concealed behind a curtain in a merchant's stall in the Narrows, a complex of underground streets connected to the Gullet's western border.
End states
Yes 30000 I've found Delver's Row.