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Dereo's lair is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


This little office has been carved out of the rock of the mountain and accommodates the local gang lord: Dereo the Lean.

Points of interest[]

  • Dereo's lair can be accessed by going right, right, left after entering The Narrows. At the doorway, a pair of thugs stand in your way. You may enter freely if:
    • "Dereo sent a messenger for me." - Dereo has previously sent for your assistance during The Cornett's Call OR you were contacted by the Cloaked Messenger in The Gullet (after helping Pitli in Harsh Medicine)
    • [Show the suolenet.] - You have stolen the Marked Suole from Overseer Hitenga, an item mentioned in the quest All Aboard. Talking to Dereo with the suolenet in your stash grants you minor positive reputation with Delver's Row Criminals.
    • "I'm [Player Name]. Ernezzo sent me." - You have asked Ernezzo in Delver's Row where to find Dereo. When speaking to Ernezzo, this option is only available if you have the The Envoy's Badge in your stash, given to you by Prince Aruihi during Trade Secrets.
    • Otherwise you can attack the guards, placing you in The Narrows staging area. Upon defeating them, Dereo will be amused at your entertaining display of passion. He forgives your intrusive entrance, granting you minor positive reputation with Delver's Row Criminals.