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Deryan is a settler in The White March - Part II.

He can be found in Stalwart Village, on the stone terrace near Yduran's caravan.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A young man stands on a spur of rock, his clenched fist held aloft. Steam rises from his wild hair and flushed face as he shouts to the gathering.

Deryan used to be a cobbler in New Yarma, but moved to Stalwart looking for work, land and opportunity. He instantly took a liking to the community and its people, but his attempts at leadership are frowned upon by long-time residents, particularly when he asks them to challenge armies massing at their doorstep. And especially when the first party the village sent out at his behest failed to return.


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This character starts quests.

Ready the Cannons