Development of a Crucible Knight, Part 1: Lower Ranks

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Development of a Crucible Knight, Part 1: Lower Ranks
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Development of a Crucible Knight, Part 1: Lower Ranks is a book in Pillars of Eternity. It is about the Knights of the Crucible.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

In recent years, the Knights of the Crucible has evolved as a group. No longer concentrating solely on blacksmithing or combat training, they've adjusted their focus to help initiates develop their souls as well as their bodies. From initiation there is a well-defined path to the top of the order.


When a candidate shows sufficient prowess in blacksmithing (or, recently, at least the drive and potential), he is accepted into the order as a Squire. Once he is part of the order, training begins immediately. Lessons are divided into two main sections - Body, commanded by the Lord Marshal and Soul, overseen by the Grand Crucilar. At this point in their progression the only uniform the squire is allowed is a simple cloth uniform displaying the Knights’ colors.


After sufficient training, each Squire is given a three-part test. He must repair a broken piece of armor, he must recite the Canticles of Abydon from memory, and he must be able to land a blow on a Novitiate in combat. If he succeeds at all three of these tasks, he is promoted to the position of Novitiate. At this point he is given his first official piece of Crucible armor - a brigandine. His training now doubles, as only the most valiant of candidates makes it through to the next level.

Justiciar and Templus

When a Novitiate shows he is ready (decided by his teachers and trainers), he must make a decision. His training and advancement from this point on will focus on one of the two disciplines: Body or Soul. Novitiates that choose Body continue military training as a Justiciar under the Lord Marshal. Novitiates that choose Soul are given clerical training as a Templus under the Grand Crucilar. Justiciar or Templus, the newly appointed is taken through the Ritual of the Arm. He is given his plate armor and symbol of Abydon. He is then taken to the Smith's Forge (named after Abydon) and is tasked with forging a small nail out of iron. He affixes this nail to his armor under Abydon's symbol and will wear it there for the rest of his life as a Knight of the Crucible. At this point, the Knight's training is fixed. If he chose Body, that is the path he is on until the end of his days. If he chose Soul, there is no deviating from the course. That is why the choice is only presented after he has been through many months of training.

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