Development of a Crucible Knight, Part 2: Senior Ranks

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Development of a Crucible Knight, Part 2: Senior Ranks
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Development of a Crucible Knight, Part 2: Senior Ranks is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the Knights of the Crucible.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Commander and Forge Master

Once a path is chosen, the Knight's life is spent training in his preferred discipline. The pomp and formalities that surrounded his life up to this point are all but gone. The training is far more rigorous and there is less ceremony to mark his progress. For most Knights, Commander (Body) or Forge Master (Soul) are further than they will ever advance. The training of a Knight at this level, while almost exclusively in the discipline he has chosen, is still rounded out with instruction from the other. A Knight is not truly a Knight if he does not have a full breadth of knowledge. When he passes from Justiciar to Commander, the Knight is given a blue cape to wear with his plate armor. When a Templus rises to the position of Forge Master, he is presented with a white cloak.

Marshal and Crucilar

After time spent training, an elite Knight that shows true leadership potential and promise is elevated to the next level. A Knight of the Body becomes a Marshal and a Knight of the Soul becomes a Crucilar. At this point, he is in command of a small group of Knights, Commander/Forge Master and below. He is responsible for the recruitment, initiation, and advancement of new Squires. Many Knights do not want to advance to this level and beyond because the role becomes less hands-on and more advisory. Marshals are known by their purple capes while Crucilars are distinguished by a gold cloak.

Lord Justiciar and Grand Templus

A Marshal or Crucilar that shows true and effective command over the Knights in his keeping may be offered the position of Lord Justiciar (of the Body) or Grand Templus (of the Soul). Truly a command position, a Knight that accepts one of these roles will be removed from the front lines. Because of this, it is only the most dedicated leaders that take either of these positions.

Lord Marshal and Grand Crucilar

There is not a single Knight that oversees the entire group. This responsibility is split between the Lord Marshal (Body) and the Lord Crucilar (Soul). Any Knight that advances to this position does so only with the support of the Knights as a whole. He must be nominated and selected by a majority of the Knights. Once in the position, he is there for life. The Lord Marshal or Lord Crucilar may step down from his post if he so chooses, but that is only to retire from the life of a Knight. The stress and responsibility of this position is such that many refuse it, even if they are capable of handling it. Lord Marshals and Crucilars are well known and generally respected throughout the land, not just within the Knights.

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