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The Devil of Caroc is a female construct rogue and potential companion in The White March - Part I.

Background[ | ]

The Devil of Caroc is a bronze golem inhabited by the soul of a convicted murderer. She's ruthless and relentless, yet something about the player piques her interest when they first meet.

The Devil was once a trapper in Cold Morn, a village that became notorious for its role in the Saint's War. When she and her neighbors let the Readceran troops pass through town unopposed, they became a symbol of treachery and cowardice throughout Dyrwood. The Purges that swept the country began in Cold Morn and the Devil's family perished when an angry mob burned the village to the ground. The Devil escaped, suffering severe burns that left her scarred. Afterwards, she began hunting down those who participated in the purge of her village, committing over a dozen murders by burning them alive in their own homes, starting with the small village of Caroc. Her hunt eventually led her to Stalwart Village in 2813 AI, where she was eventually apprehended and locked away to await execution.

However, a Vailian Animancer named Galvino bribed the mayor so that he could use the Devil in his experiments. This saved the Devil from a stoning death, but condemned her to an existence trapped inside an unfeeling bronze body. Worse, she became an outcast together with Galvino when the people of Stalwart learned of the deal and ran them all out of town, destroying Galvino's lab and equipment in the process. The Devil of Caroc ended up staying with Galvino out of necessity; he was the only person capable of the maintenance her body required to keep her functioning, plus she'd rather not succumb to the elements or the hunting parties from Stalwart.

The years passing by have not eroded her, however: She's still a rustic at heart, but her crude manners belie cunning and a cynical sense of humor.[1]

Interactions[ | ]

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Lair of the Eyeless
The One that Got Away

Companion[ | ]

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Initial points[ | ]

Devil of Caroc's initial skill, talent, and ability distribution depends on the level of the Watcher when she is first added to the party, but only if the "Auto Level Companions" option is checked in the difficulty settings.

With auto-levelling enabled, companions will be levelled following a preset point distribution. The player is still free to distribute points into whatever skills, abilities, and talents they desire when a companion levels up, and they may be completely retrained at an inn. Devil of Caroc always starts at a minimum of level 2 (the stats above are before she joins the party).

With auto-levelling disabled, companions are not levelled, and the player may choose their own point distribution. Devil of Caroc starts at level 1 with the requisite experience to level her up to the current player level or level 2, whichever is higher.

Level Skills Abilities Talents
1 Blinding Strike
2 4 0 0 5 0 Weapon Focus: Peasant
3 5 0 0 6 0 Reckless Assault
4 5 0 0 7 0 Backstab
5 6 0 0 7 0 Finishing Blow
6 6 0 0 8 0 Deflecting Assault
7 6 0 0 9 0 Coordinated Positioning
8 7 0 0 9 0 Devastating Blow
9 7 0 0 10 0 Withering Strike
10 7 0 0 11 0 Shadowing Beyond
11 8 0 0 11 0 Deathblows
12 8 0 0 12 0 Bloody Slaughter
13 8 0 0 12 0 Sap
14 8 0 0 13 0 Savage Attack
15 8 0 0 13 0 Feign Death
16 8 0 0 14 2 Superior Deflection

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