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Doemenel Manor (identified as House Doemenel on the world map) is a building in Brackenbury.


A large, sprawling mansion belonging to one of the oldest noble houses in Defiance Bay, House Doemenel. Although once they were one of the greatest of mercantile houses, with interest across the colonial province of the Dyrwood, their power crumbled after the revolution. Quite simply, the Doemeneles backed the wrong horse.

Points of interest[]

  • This large manor has one ground entrance, watched by the Doemenel doorman. Unless you have a reason to visit, he will kick you out. The lower level consists of a main hall with a wine rack Abrecan Doemenel is far too fond off, with the dining room, lower bedroom, kitchen, and store room. The containers have only minor loot.
  • The upper floor is where the head of the clan makes his lair, with two bedrooms, Gedmar's study, and a wine room to the back, where Bricanta Doemenel stays.


Companion reactions[]

Some companions have a special comment upon entering the manor:

  • Aloth: "Whatever crimes they've committed, their interior decoration is impeccable."
  • Kana Rua: "Luxurious furnishings, hostile stares... Reminds me of the lore college."
  • Grieving Mother: "Minds filled, edged with copper and knives... such greed."
  • Edér: "You ever feel underdressed?"


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Doemenel Manor, see here.
Lower floor:
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 4):
Chest (bedroom left):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 3 - bedroom, foot of bed):
Upper floor:
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 4 - bedroom near staircase):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 7 / Trapped - Difficulty 5 / Hidden - Difficulty 4):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 6):