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The Dracogen Inn is the only inn in Dyrford Village.


The Dracogen Inn is a marker of a new era in Dyrford's history, the first building constructed after the thaynu governing the region made the mistake of siding with the Empire during the War of Defiance. A contingent of the Knights of the Crucible destroyed her keep, securing Dyrford for the fledgling nation. The inn was supposed to be a haven and a meeting place while the locals built their new town. However, Dyrwoodans are an ornery lot, and the more these new neighbors met, the more they argued. They realized they didn't agree on much beside ousting the old lord. The biggest divide was over the Glanfathans and their nearby ruins. Hadret's knights and their supporters wanted to keep the peace, but a group of misfits with more anarchic leanings that had formed in town wanted to go after the tribes the same way they'd gone after their lord. Soon, the villagers were fighting with each other as much as with the Aedyrans. In the end, memories of the Broken Stone War and the War of Black Trees were fresh enough that the duc's soldiers won the day. Most of the other villagers came around eventually, but some of the core troublemakers left to join the front lines of the War of Defiance, and others found their way into the Guided Compass, the most forward-looking of the Glanfathan tribes.

Points of interest[]

  • The ground floor is dominated by the huge counter with Dengler manning it. The Lord lurks nearby, while Sid, the local bard, stares at the fire in hopes of finding inspiration.
  • The upper level has three rooms, with the suite occupied by Nyfre.


Backer NPCs


Talk to innkeeper Dengler in order to rest here.

Room Resting Bonus Duration Price
Room dracogen stables icon.jpg Stables - - 30 cp
Room dracogen wurms nest icon.jpg Wurm's Nest 2 rests 120 cp
Room dracogen drakes den icon.jpg Drake's Den 2 rests 150 cp
Room dracogen dragons lair icon.jpg Dragon's Lair 1 rest 200 cp


Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Dracogen Inn, see here.
Shelf (lower floor):
Container (Hidden, Difficulty 2 - Under a plank in the eastern room):
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 5):
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 6):

Behind the scenes[]

"Highland Sextasy" or "As his kilt rises" by Greg Aronowitz

  • The inn and its keeper are named after Steven Dengler, a Canadian entrepreneur, and his company Dracogen Strategic Investments. Dengler is the founder of XE.com, and is a gaming enthusiast who provided significant amounts of funding for Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, Satellite Reign, and Torment: Tides of Numenera. The emblem of the inn mirrors the 'O' in Dracogen's logo.
  • The inn also contains a number of references to the web series The Guild, representing its backer.Verify Certain parts of the inn serve as subtle nods to this series, including the a painting on the wall depicting the characters Fawkes (Wil Wheaton) and Codex (Felicia Day) in a passionate embrace, featured in the episode Supportive'd. In addition a banner to the Knights of Good, a guild on which the series is focused, can be found on a wall behind the table nearest the stairs.
  • On the wall either side of the large table nearest the door is the insignia of the Great Khans, a faction in Fallout: New Vegas, another game directed by Josh Sawyer.
  • This area contains developer commentary explaining the use of the references to The Guild:
I actually watched through all of The Guild before working on this inn. I wanted to make sure it had enough of the right elements to represent its backer. When I got to the episode with the Highlander painting, I knew it had to be in the inn somewhere. The table locations with the banners next to them are also a nod to the episode where the Knights of Good are sent to the back of the line outside of a game store. In this inn they get the table in the back as represented by their banner on the wall.
~ Denise McMurry, Level Designer