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2 Anvils
  • 20% of Damage restored as Endurance
Enchantment ID

Draining is a unique enchantment in Pillars of Eternity.

It cannot be applied to items, but the enchantment can be found on unique equipment throughout Eora.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • 20% of Damage restored as Endurance

Items with Draining enchantment[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Club blescas labor icon.png Blesca's Labor Club
  • Coordinating: +4 Accuracy when attacking same target as an ally +25% Damage when attacking same target as an ally
  • Draining: 20% of Damage restored as Endurance
  • Superb (weapon): +12 Accuracy +45% Damage
War bow backer borresaine icon.png Borresaine War bow
Spear engwithan soul icon.png Cladhalíath Spear
Quarterstaff concelhauts parasitic icon.png Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff Quarterstaff
Battle axe edge of reason icon.png Edge of Reason Battle axe
Flail gauns share icon.png Gaun's Share Flail
Rapier backer mosquito icon.png Mosquito Rapier
Stiletto backer oidhreacht icon.png Oidhreacht Stiletto
Sabre exceptional backer purgatory icon.png Purgatory Sabre
Morning star the rose of salthollow icon.png The Rose of Salthollow Morning star
Great sword tidefall icon.png Tidefall Great sword