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Drowned Barrows is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A mountain commands the northern horizon, its cliff face the likeness of a rotted skull. Scavenger birds circle high above its peak in a morbid halo. As you approach the base of the mountain, the beating of drums reverberates from the skull's gaping mouth and vacant eye sockets.

This oddly shaped mountain is the heart of Nemnok's domain.

Points of interest[]

  • You can enter the barrows via Junvik Village, it cannot be accessed from the sea due to the shallow water surrounding the area.
  • You can enter either through the mouth or through the sockets. The sockets place you at the Crown, with the left giving you a chance to talk to the scriveners, the right skipping straight to the fighting. Entering the left socket requires either a Rope and Grappling Hook, or an Athletics 12 check on all party members. Of those that fail, the party member with the worst Athletics rating will get a Twisted Ankle (-20 Reflex). Upon entering, one member of the party will comment on their surroundings.
  • There are two distinct sections up here: The left eye and the right eye. The left eye contains the scriptorium under the lead of Acolyte Kinnuq. Talk to him to learn how to get to Nemnok. You can also pilfer Kinnuq's Memo from the table.
  • The scrivener quarters/barracks are to the northeast, with A Note on the Forge on the barrel, referring to the naga under Forgemaster Tythus below. The area beyond the scriveners workroom is hostile, though, so be ready for dwarven casters and eoten. The lower right edge of the map contains the right eye, which is used as a storage area and contains plenty of traps.
  • Another room, the "hidden study", is to the far northeast, though it is inaccessible from this level and has to be entered via a hidden stairway on the base floor (see below). Once you're in, grab Nemnok's Cloak, and a Blackwood Log from the crates.
Base floor
  • The base floor is filled with hostiles, including dwarven scriveners and eoten. While the entrance to Nemnok's sanctuary is straight ahead from the entrance, you'll have to deal with the Sigil of Death there (either with a wardstone, or with ranged, non-piercing damage), as well as a few traps on the floor.
  • The left corridor leads to a small shrine to Nemnok and stairs leading up to the Crown, while the right one grants access to the naga forge, eoten guard post with Deathwarden Latuc. After the bridge, you can blow up the barrels to find a hidden switch (requires Perception 10 to detect) which reveals a bricked-over stairway leading to the hidden study in the crown. Watch out for traps!
  • A large chamber with the statue of Nemnok overlooking the summoning pit. As you approach the pit, Kaali will interrupt you and engage in dialogue.



Base floor



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