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Outwardly he prefers to come off a bit of a simpleton. Don't be fooled. Before he was a duc he was a trapper, and an excellent one at that.
~ Lady Eydis Webb

Duc Aevar Wolf-Grin is the ruler of Dyrwood in Pillars of Eternity. He can be encountered in the Ducal Palace during The Hermit of Hadret House.


A wild looking man with a scraggly beard, Aevar Wolf-Grin is a man of animal cunning and unmatched political aptitude.

A frontier noble elected to the position of duc of the Free Palatinate, Duc Aevar is a shrewd politician and excellent judge of character. He has deliberately cultivated a specific image over the years through half-truths and exaggerations, allowing him to be many things to a great many people. To the frontiersmen, he is one of their own. To the patriotic, he is a soul descendant of Admeth Hadret. To the nobility, he is from an old and established family.

Though he is none of these in full, it was enough to grant him the throne of the Free Palatinate and title of duc. The man may not be the greatest mind in Dyrwood, but he knows people. He knows when they are sincere and when they lie. He knows when they are strong and when they are weak. Whenever he needs advice on other matters, he relies on Lady Eydis Webb and the Dunryd Row.


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The Hermit of Hadret House