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Ducal Palace is a location in the First Fires district of Defiance Bay.


The palace is the seat of power for the rulers of the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood. The palace is where Duc Admeth Hadret declared freedom from Aedyran rule some one hundred fifty years ago, starting the War of Defiance. A shrine to Magran symbolizes the goddess' protection of Defiance Bay and the Dyrwoodan revolutionary spirit. With the creation of the Godhammer, she gained a new dimension as protector of the nation. The sacred fires are supposed to be lit at all times, but there have been... Difficulties in maintaining them in recent times.

The palace also holds vast records that allow the bureaucracy to function, including census counts, tax records, militia registers, and so on. As a hotbed of regional politics, the palace witnesses meetings, public hearings, and ceremonies. Beyond these public displays of politics, there's also the constant ebb and flow of backroom deals, power plays, and the usual jockeying for favors with the duc or his advisors. In recent weeks, the duc has been trying to figure out a response to Waidwen's Legacy. The secretive meetings have failed to yield any concrete policy, causing no small amount of distress.

Points of interest[]

  • The central corridor connects the major parts of the palace and divides them roughly into four major areas. In terms of characters, Sidly stands by the eastern entrance.
  • To the southwest is the armory for the palatial justiciars. Contains minor loot.
  • To the west is the main audience hall, locked and not accessible under normal circumstances (as animancy hearings are taking place).
  • To the northwest is the records department, headed by the records keeper. Marshal Forwyn and Chancellor Warrin are also present.
  • To the northeast lies the shrine to Magran, maintained by Fyrga.



Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Ducal Palace, see here.
Container (Hidden at the foot of the throne, but is disabled and cannot be accessed):