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Dungeons are an upgradable section of Caed Nua in Pillars of Eternity.

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Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The Dungeons of Caed Nua contain nine cells. Upgrading the dungeons will allow you to take prisoners during your travels.


These dark, foreboding cells were once the domain of prisoners and their wardens. Now they're mostly overrun by spiders, but can be restored to full functionality by a new master.

Points of interest[]

  • The dungeons are reached by stairs in a room in the north corner of the main level. At the south-west corner is another set of stairs that leads to the Endless Paths of Od Nua. The area is lousy with spiders of a very broad variety.
  • You can imprison people you capture on your travels here, although they may be able to successfully escape if the security in Caed Nua is too low.


Once you have restored the dungeons, you get the option to take certain characters prisoner during your travels. Usually, the way it works is that you have to fight them, and then, when their health is almost at zero, they initiate dialog asking for mercy, and you have the option to either finish them off or take them prisoner.

Note that if you take someone prisoner, they're immediately teleported to the Caed Nua dungeons, leaving behind the loot they'd have dropped if killed. If the loot doesn't appear after choosing to imprison them, leaving and re-entering the area will spawn it where they fell.

Update: Killing prisoners after they are locked in the Dungeon will allow you to collect all of their gear. (Version

Two types of random events that can take place at the stronghold each turn, affect prisoners:

  • Escape attempts: – A prisoner may try to escape. Your stronghold security rating determines how likely the escape attempt is to succeed. A prisoner who successfully escapes is gone forever.
  • Visitor requests: – A visitor may appear who asks you to release one or all of your prisoners to them, usually in return for money:
    • A distant relative offers 700Copper pands (cp) (one random prisoner).
    • Geyda wants to conduct some experiments and will pay 200Copper pands (cp) for a subject (one random prisoner).
    • At her first visit, Geyda will offer 500Copper pands (cp) (1000Copper pands (cp) with Resolve 16) for all currently held prisoners together.
    • Solmar the Shackler will pay 1200Copper pands (cp) (one random prisoner).
  • Patch 3.03 introduced more options with prisoners, such as selling them to various people who happen along. The average price is typically in the realm of 1200Copper pands (cp).

List of qualifying characters[]

The following can be taken prisoner:

Name Description Location Related Quest Loot
Aefre A street thug harassing prostitutes and clients of a brothel Ondra's GiftRamshackle House Supply and Demand Copper pands (cp), Fine Sword, Plate Armor
Ailef [WM1] A run-away indentured servant wanted for homicide StalwartThe Gréf's Rest Overstaying His Welcome
Eorn A wanted fugitive hiding from the Crucible Knights CopperlaneCatacombs Unwanted Copper pands (cp), Fine Hide Armor, Rabbit Fur Gloves
Gramrfel the Wayfarer A bandit who tries to kill and rob you (after returning from Defiance Bay) Magran's Fork Copper pands (cp), Pistol, Fine Brigandine, Dead Man Stands
Kestorik A Vithrack scout who tries to deny you passage Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 12 Emerald ×3, Vithrack Brain
Mercenary Captain Esmar The leader of an illegal expedition into Glanfathan ruins Northweald At the Mercy of the Tribes
Naelde A Leaden Key assassin who tries to kill you (at the start of chapter 3) Stormwall Gorge
Nyrid A mage who has seized a drug dealer's business CopperlanePurnisc's House His Old Self Copper pands (cp), Nyrid's Grimoire, Wand, Fine Robe, Cape [Bug 1]


  1. Loot does not drop if imprisoned, even after Patch 3.03 (July 2016).Verify

Update: Killing prisoners after they are locked in the Dungeon will allow you to collect all of their gear. (Version

Update: If the loot doesn't drop after choosing to imprison them, leaving and re-entering the area should spawn the drop on the ground where they fell. (Version