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Dunnage is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Background[ | ]

The site of the first permanent dwarven settlement in the Deadfire, Balefire beacon, Dunnage is where the dwarves managed to forge the first trade relations with the Huana inhabiting the archipelago in 2742 AI. The relations continued until the dwarves were forced to abandon the island in the wake of an attack by local naga tribes and the undead pouring in from caves beneath. The hostile locals did not discourage new tenants, the Príncipi sen Patrena, who settled it again and by 2828 AI turned it into one of two centers of their operations in the archipelago (the other being Fort Deadlight).

Dunnage currently has 1,500 denizens (31% ocean folk, 14% island aumaua, 12% meadow folk, 10% wild orlan, 7% coastal aumaua, 7% mountain dwarf, 6% hearth orlan, 6% wood elf, and 6% other) and is governed by a democratic oligarchy under Captain Furrante. It imports nearly all of its necessities: Rice, fish, silk, beer, ale, spirits, drugs, exotic goods, and weapons, while exporting pirates in return. The principal deities worshipped in the Free City are Ondra, Hylea, Skaen, and Wael.

Locations[ | ]

Lifter's Refuge
The docks of the Free City. Everyone who comes and goes does so through these piers.
The King's Coffin
The finest tavern in Dunnage, carved out of an old dhow.
Radiant Court
The local market.
Balefire Beacon
The seat of power of the Príncipi and the oldest structure on the island, established by the dwarven settlers centuries ago.