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The Foundry is the third level of Durgan's Battery in The White March - Part I expansion of Pillars of Eternity.


The heart of the Battery, built around the White Forge: A massive dragon skull carved out of stone, standing silent vigil over the workshop, with a maw filled with a network of steel dividers, tubes and vents, with a pair of golden rings set into the sockets to accept adra spheres. The resulting facility leveraged the unique power of the fires, using adra veins to siphon essence into steel as the dwarves shaped it. Durgan steel became known as the finest in the world thanks to the combination of essence siphoning, excellent and consistent heat of the forge, and dwarven skill.[1] The refineries also produced extremely high quality copper that was used in coinage, art, and jewelry.[2]

Points of interest[]

The White March - Part I
  • This is where the White Forge is located. Continue down the corridor to be greeted by a cutscene with the three commandants preparing to repulse the Eyeless attack. The sector to the southeast contains a room with a level 13 lock (an armory with random loot in the middle rack) and a room with the library (random loot on the left together with the Annals of the Pargrunen). Further down the corridor is a spirit-filled workshop with a troop of Battery defenders. Inside the workshop is a Shimmering Cloak.
  • In the other direction is a passageway punched through the rock of the mountain. Immediately beyond is a corridor leading to a map room with a globe showing all Pargrunen settlements across Eora. To access the hidden vault, press the sapphires representing Old Vailia, the Living Lands, and Rauatai. This opens up the treasure with lots of coin, Wodewys, Bracers of Spiritual Power, Girdle of Eoten Constitution, and Boots of Evasion.
  • The opposite room contains a shrine to Abydon, including some minor loot, an ingot, and an adra sphere.
  • The main corridor surrounds the White Forge. The piles of dead dwarves littering the floor are remnants of the brutal massacre that rolled through the Battery. Pilfer the table for an armory key and the trapped chest for an Adra Sphere. Down the corridor lies a study filled with minor loot. Grab On the Binding of Souls from the table. The copper basin contains an Adra Disc you need for reactivating the Forge. Reaching for it activates the Armswarden, who will decry your attempt to steal from the Pargrunen. Shades and sirens spawn in the corridor, together with traps (beneath the White March coats of arms).
  • Down the steps lies the White Forge. It's filled with the discarded bodies of the dwarves, processed in service to the forge. The steps in the back lead to the watchtower. To activate the forge, see The White Forge.
The White March - Part II
  • The upper levels of the foundary are buried under rock and debris following the earthquake after the White Forge was activated, and can no longer be accessed. A makeshift lift has been installed at the top of the stairs, leading back to The Great Hall.


  • Chief Curate Exandru, Armswarden Marunn, Coinmaster Zoltun: The ghastly apparitions of the commandants of the Battery.


Notable loot[]

  • Wodewys: A unique battle axe, in the treasury adjacent to the map room.
  • Durgan Iron Ingot: On a table in the southwestern-most workshop (1x), in the room across from the map room (1x), and on the rightmost long table in the White Forge (2x, 1x during WM2).


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Durgan's Battery (Foundry), see here.
The White Forge (WM1):
The White Forge (WM2):


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