Durgan's Battery (Great Hall)

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The Great Hall
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in The White March - Part I
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in The White March - Part II
The White March - Part I
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The Great Hall is a location in The White March - Part I and The White March - Part II.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Great Hall of the Battery was where the life of the dwarves concentrated. Holding the primary feasthall, war room, meeting chamber, and armory, the Great Hall was the first line of defense should the outer fortifications fall. The Eyeless attack swept through the halls effortlessly, cutting down the dwarves that stood in their way.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

It isn't enough we have to deal with angry spirits in this place. Now we have to talk down a paranoid door.
~ Pallegina

The White March - Part I
  • Although devoid of life, the Battery's corridors still echo with the ethereal footsteps of its defenders. You'll also be haunted by ghostly apparitions of the dwarves that used to call it their home, particularly the three komandants responsible for its collapse. The rotunda you first enter contains a hidden container in the northern alcove and stairs leading to the battlements atop the battery outside. You'll also encounter the first komendant apparitions here.
  • The corridor that passes through the level bisects the level into two halves. The eastern part of the Great Hall contains the feasthall, where supporters of the Armswarden made their final stand against the attackers and were cut down to the last man and woman. In the northeastern corner are doors sealed with the soul of Armswarden Marunn, barring the way to the lower level and the mines (see The White Forge for details). Further down the corridor (the sigils are trapped with high level traps, so watch your step) is an armory (level 10 lock). Check the locked chest for some Durgan Iron Ingots and the battered helm (part of Garodh's Chorus) plus the Girdle of the Driving Wave and Badgradr's Barricade in the chest.
  • The western part contains the assembly hall, war room, and the adjacent storage room. The assembly hall contains the letter to Zoltun. The war room will treat you to a vision of the three komendants bickering and chewing each other out. Check the table for a record of production and the chests for minor loot. The storage room has more loot and a bill of sale.
  • The blast door can be opened with a hidden switch on the left pillar. Inside use scouting to reveal a corpse in the corner. Interacting with it will reveal the ability to pilfer the corpse if you can only break the ice. To do so, you need a torch, a hammer and chisel, or any of the following: Fan of Flames, Ray of Fire, Burst of Summer Flame, Swift Strikes, or Barbaric Blow. Your reward is a rolled parchment, a random scroll, and the guard's key.
The White March - Part II
  • Most of the level is buried under tons of rock and debris following the earthquake that followed the activation of the White Forge. Korbal is near the fire in the assembly area/common room, with the locked armory (difficulty 10) to the northeast holding exceptional gear (not affected by looting it in The White March - Part I). A key to the armory can be found in a locked chest (difficulty 4) in the central common area.
  • The feasthall is filled with stockpiles of black powder and holds an improvised elevator leading to Durgan's Battery (Foundry).

Characters[edit | edit source]

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

The White March - Part I
The White March - Part II