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Dyrford Crossing is a wilderness area in Pillars of Eternity.


A notable crossing over the river near Dyrford, leaning against the surrounding mountains, this is a large, wild area that's filled with threats to the adventurer's well-being.

Points of interest[]

  • Immediately to the north and south of the entrance are groups of bugs for letting off stress before following the road to the exit to Clîaban Rilag. Further south from the entrance is one of two crossings over the river.
  • The central crossing leads to a ruined statue. Interacting with it allows you to try to pick the lock in the skull, gouge a hole in the statue using the hammer and chisel, or use brute strength to force it to open. This allows access to Dyrford Ruins. The key is located in the ogre's cave.
  • The ogre's cave, located to the south-east over the river, is filled with spiders and an ogre. The cave has two exits: the one you came in through, and a second leading to an upper level with a dead cultist of Skaen with a tattered note and a skull key. A spider queen resides to the northeast, while the ogre Korgrak is to the south-east (and has delightful interior decoration skills). Korgrak is not immediately hostile and will provide a different look at the things he's accused of (well, things he does). He's a potential stronghold recruit.
  • To the northeast lies the dragon nest needed for the task Nest Egg. After fighting your way through the wurms, you encounter the Iron Brand (which you may fight, pay off or scare away some of their members).
  • Going to the southeast leads to a plateau with wurms and then some lurkers, banshees, and a corpse with Boots of the Long March.
  • The south-western corner contains the ruins of the old Dyrford keep, with lots of wolves and minor loot. Brynlod can be found here during his bounty.


Companion reactions[]

Some companions have a special comment upon gaining access to the Temple of Woedica by interacting with the ruined statue:

  • Aloth: "After you. I insist."
  • Sagani: "Where do you suppose this leads?"
  • Kana Rua: "Aha! That's done it. And now we need only descend these treacherous steps into murky darkness."
  • Grieving Mother: "There are beasts here... they are animals, in human form."
  • Durance: "The air smells of blood and cowardly loathing. I'll be the effigy if this isn't some nest for the Quiet Slave's skulking vermin."

Related quests[]

Side quest[]





Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Dyrford Crossing, see here.
Loose Brick (in the ruined tower in the southwestern corner):
Loose Brick (Hidden, Difficulty 5 - In the smaller ruined tower to the east):
Skeleton (Hidden, Difficulty 4 - stash in front of the ogre cave):
Corpse (dead body on a small ledge near the second cave exit):
Dead Adventurer (near the wurms, southwest of the dragon egg):
Corpse (on the cliffs above the cave entrance):


Behind the scenes[]

  • This area contains developer commentary.
Dyrford Crossing is the crossroads for much of the content in the Dyrford region. It has the ogre cave, the dragon's nest, the path leading to the Cliaban Rilag, and lastly the secret entrance to the [?] Skaen. This is all by design that we interweave our quests in this nature, it creates and ebb and flow between the quests. You never want the player to lose momentum when they're exploring a map. For instance in this scene, if the player wants to travel off the path away from Cliaban they'll come upon a large statue. [If] they don't make the checks, they can venture further into the ogre cave. In there they can speak [to] or kill the ogre, and explore further and find a key to the hidden entrance underneath the statue in the crossing. If they return to town because perhaps the Skaen temple was too difficult, they could speak with Rumbald and finish his quest. Or if they ventured north past the statue in the crossing, fight the Iron Brand and retrieve a dragon egg that Hendyna in town seeks. This all illustrates the momentum I'm referring to. There is never a point when the player explores the map, and isn't rewarded with something new and engaging that doesn't loop back into the flow of all the other quests in the region.
~ Matthew Perez, Junior Designer