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Edrang Hadret was a noble born Human. He was Erl of Baelreach earldom, later gréf of the Dyrwood, founder of New Dunryd and father of Admeth Hadret. Though he is best known for his part during the Broken Stone War.


Edrang was born in Aedyr of noble parents and spent a good part of his childhood there. His family moved to the Dyrwood as colonists while he was still a teen. He grew into a man of the people, who was well-respected by all who met him. He rose to the position of erl of Baelreach, which prospered under his rule. Later he was appointed gréf and tasked by the fercönyng to establish a new city to serve as center of power in the Pearlwood Gulf, the city's name was New Dunryd.

Not long after he assumed power the Broken Stone War erupted in the Eir Glanfath, and first brought him in conflict with the Glanfathan Galven Regd. Erl Edrang was raised to gréf over the Dyrwood and tasked to deal with Glanfathan threat. Using unorthodox tactics he developed, he was able to countered the initial Glanfathan onslaught, though the fighting continued for five years. At the end neither Edrang nor Regd were able to gain the upper, which led to the first treaty between Glanfathans and Aedyrans being signed in 2631 AI.

For the next 21 years, dyrwood enjoyed peace and prosperity under his rule. In 2654, Edrang, whose health had been waning, succumbed and passed. His son Admeth assumed his father's place as gréf over the Dyrwood.

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