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Edrang Hadret
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Edrang Hadret is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the human of the same name.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Edrang Hadret in retrospect led a remarkable life. But his contributions would probably have gone largely unnoticed if it weren't for his conflict with a Glanfathan orlan by the name of Galven Regd.

Though Edrang became a great man and a well-respected leader, his early life was uneventful. He was born in Aedyr of noble parents and spent a good part of his childhood there. While he was raised apart from the common folk, he felt a connection to them and was known to always be welcoming to any and all.

In school, he demonstrated incredible intelligence, frequently arriving at correct conclusions using his own methods of getting there. He was always doing unexpected things and though he seemed to be paying attention and would pass his lessons, his teachers and trainers were certain he would never amount to anything.

His family moved to the Dyrwood as colonists while he was still a teen. The moment they docked in the new land, Edrang knew he had found his true home. He explored the land, getting to know it and its people as well as he knew the castle in which he lived. He grew into a man who was well-respected by all who met him. He took over the erldom, becoming a fair and much beloved leader. Under his leadership, Baelreach thrived, becoming more stable and prosperous than anyone thought possible. When a new gréf was needed, the people's voice was unanimous - Edrang Hadret.

As his first act as the new gréf , the fercönyng instructs Edrang to build a new city for him, a seat of power in the Pearlwood Gulf. This city is to be called New Dunryd and will serve as the capital for the new colonies. Not long after he assumed power, The Broken Stone War began. It was a quick and brutal war and taxed the limits of Edrang's capabilities. He had never before encountered someone as organized and brutal as the opposition commander, Galven Regd. At first Regd's tactics confounded Edrang. But Edrang, who grew up developing unorthodox ways to take care of his problems, adapted quickly.

This did not stop Galven Regd outright, however. He began a campaign of terror that lasted for two more years. Edrang, who expressed a sort of respect for Regd's prowess, studied his techniques, learning how Regd attacked and devising a ways to counter it. He gave the erls and thayns instructions that confounded and sometimes infuriated them as they seemed to leave their lands open for attack and put their people at risk. Edrang disseminated lies and half-truths about his plans, imperial events, and military maneuvers. No one knew what truly was going on except for Edrang and a very small contingent of trusted friends and advisors. His tactics worked and Edrang's men started to catch the Glanfathans off guard.

It wasn't long before Edrang's men were able to anticipate Regd's moves and cut him off at every front. When asked how he was able to overcome an enemy that anticipated every move, Edrang responded, ‘That is how he was about to outwit us. Our moves were transparent. Anyone could see through the standard tactic. Spread something out thin enough and you can poke a hole in it. I countered an unpredictable enemy with unpredictability.’

Because Edrang was able to counter Regd's plans, the conflict eventually died off. Regd sent a message to Edrang, expressing respect for his tactics and prowess with military maneuvers. This political and military stalemate led to the first treaties signed between the Glanfathans and the Aedyran colonist who would eventually become the Dyrwoodans.