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Effigy's Husk is a cloth armor in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Description[ | ]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

An Effigy of Skaen is only brought into being by those who are so oppressed they are willing to perform horrific, unspeakable acts to strike down their persecutors. The ritual requires a willing worshiper to submit to disfigurement, mutilation, and certain death. If the offering is accepted, Skaen manifests in the supplicant, transforming them into an unstoppable avatar of the god's will, and sets out to brutally slay the oppressors of the faithful. When the monster's bloodlust is sated, the effigy literally falls apart, its task fulfilled.

The remains of the creature are understandably avoided. They rot slowly, as even scavengers and vermin seem wary of touching such a carcass. It seems some daring or deranged tailor was not so discouraged. The stitching of this garment is rough but serviceable, and the mismatched patches of flesh have been treated with preserving oils. The macabre robe has the unmistakable stink of freshly tanned hide.

Acquisition[ | ]

Enchantment tree[ | ]

Note: Armor of Flesh / Eyes of Blackstone and Contempt / Skaen's Hatred are mutually exclusive.
Armor of Flesh
Strange Leather
Eyes of Blackstone
Skaen's Resentment
Skaen's Hatred

Upgrades[ | ]

Strange LeatherArmor of FleshImmune to Might afflictionsCopper pires (cp)3,0001111
Eyes of BlackstoneImmune to Perception afflictionsCopper pires (cp)3,00022
Skaen's ResentmentContempt25% chance to attack enemy with random Affliction for 10.0 sec when Critically Hit in MeleeCopper pires (cp)3,0001111
Skaen's HatredHostile-only Raw Damage AoE on Unconscious, Grants Skaen's Hatred (Allied Aura (while ≤ 50% Health): -75% Healing received)

Removes: Skaen's Resentment

Copper pires (cp)3,0001111