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Eir Glanfath, Part 1: Early Contact is a book in Pillars of Eternity about Eir Glanfath.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The history of Eir Glanfath before it was discovered by Aedyran explorers is poorly documented and oral accounts often conflict. Some tell stories of an advanced civilization that left, taking all its knowledge with it, leaving ruins of their civilization behind. Others say the Glanfathans themselves developed such power and technology that they all but destroyed themselves and that is why they will not allow anyone into the ruins on their land. Either way, reliable information about the area of Eir Glanfath doesn't begin until Aedyran explorers discovered it in 2602 AI.

The Glanfathans were not used to encounters with outsiders before and viewed the intrusion on their land as something of a test. The ruins that covered their land were considered sacred and these strangers, despite warnings, plundered them, taking artifacts. Glanfathans that resisted were captured and forced into slavery, becoming property of the new colonists. Their people, heritage, and land at stake, the Glanfathans struck back, hoping to drive them out of their lands permanently. Despite their best efforts, more Aedyran invaders appeared. By 2623 AI, the Aedyrans had established towns, pushing the Glanfathans out of some areas and enslaving any who refused to leave. They tried to live in peace, keeping an eye on the Aedyrans, and with the exception of a few isolated incidents, it seemed to work. This tentative peace came to a bloody end in 2626 AI. A group of farmers, clearing a potential crop field in the middle of an area dotted with many sacred ruins, knocked down one of the ancient menhirs. Whether this was intentional or accidental is not known, but this incident started what came to be known as the Broken Stone War. It was short, lasting less than a year, but it was bloody and brutal. Several thousand Aedyran colonists died as well as hundreds of Glanfathans.

Though the war ended, the attacks on the Aedyrans didn't stop. An orlan named Regd was chosen as galven of the Glanfathans. He vowed to make every outsider pay for the injustices done on his people's land. He organized the Glanfathan Fangs and orchestrated a series of attacks over the course of the next two years. It seemed Regd's tactics would eventually work and drive the Aedyrans from Eir Glanfath, but then they started fighting back. They became far more organized and their tactics less predictable. Fewer and fewer of Regd's attacks succeeded. He discovered a new gréf , Edrang Hadret, had been appointed - someone whose tactics and battle savvy were more evenly matched with his. Eventually both leaders came to a stalemate, neither able to gain the upper hand on the other.

As a result of the stalemate, the hostilities between the two groups dwindled as there was never a significant result for either side. This led to treaties, developed and signed by both, to eliminate the violence and tension. Regd stepped down as galven and returned to his life. Hadret set a decree - looting the ruins of Eir Glanfath is an arrestable offense. As a sign of goodwill, Hadret also tried to outlaw slavery, but this act was struck down by the other erls and the fercönyng of Aedyr. Because of this, some incidents of rural violence still cropped up. Hadret's treaties resulted in 20 years of relative peace for the Glanfathans, still wary and distrustful of the Aedyrans, but willing to accept their presence if they had to.

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