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Elms' Reach is a district of Twin Elms in Pillars of Eternity.


The home of the delemgan and Glanfathan druids, within the Reach lies Teir Evron, one of the only towers of the Builders still in perfect condition. Two great elm trees twine around it, protected by two delemgan sisters who predate even the Engwithans. The Hall of Warriors also stands at the other end of the district. Elms' Reach is also where the druids keep their halls. There are the Ovates of the Golden Grove and the Ethik NĂ´l of Blood Sands.

Points of interest


Hall of Warriors
Golden Grove
Teir Evron


These are the quests and tasks which start in this district:

Quest Given by Location
Sacrificial Bloodlines Simoc Hall of Warriors
Council of Stars Sîdha and Rîhenwn outside of Teir Evron
Court of the Penitents Sîdha and Rîhenwn outside of Teir Evron
A Servant of Death Berath Teir Evron
Into the White Void Rymrgand Teir Evron
The Nest Above the Clouds Hylea Teir Evron
The Old Queen and the New King Galawain Teir Evron


Notable loot


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Elms' Reach, see here.
Vase (left):
Vase (right):

Behind the scenes

“ Elms' Reach was first called Twin Elms in honor of the giant trees that give this glanfathan city its name. The area was laid out by Bobby Null, the lead designer of the team, and Hector Espinosa, our lead environment artist, did an amazing job with the 3D render and bringing it to life.

At its bottom right corner, you'll notice perhaps a cool archway made by roots from one of the elms. This led to an area that we had to cut, a mystical forest called the Weald of Fates where you'd be sent to speak with the ancestor stones, a collection of souls of glanfathan leaders, whose wisdom is revered by the tribes. The catch was of course that you could only do so by ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms that would lead your "vision quest" towards its stones. The realities of game development sometimes result in awesome things like this having to get cut so that you can focus polish into something else, some other areas of the game. The lesson for aspiring designers is: structure areas, stories, and quests in a modular way so that you can, if need be, take things out without affecting other aspects of the game.

~ Jorge Salgado, Designer


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