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Elmshore is a wilderness area in Eir Glanfath. Access is cut off until the end of Act II due to a flood in Stormwall Gorge which recedes by Act III.[1]


Beyond the gorge lie the territories of Eir Glanfath and the six tribes that control it. It's a wild area, filled with all manner of forest dwellers and monsters.

Points of interest[]

  • To the northeast, along the central edge of the screen, is a large group of ogres standing in front of a cave. The cave itself contains Nalrend the Wise, target of a bounty.
  • The adra arch you need to find for Sagani's companion quest is to the southwest, surrounded by adragans and forest trolls. Between it and the edges of the area to the south and the river there are two more dead adventurers to loot. In a bush under the arch is a Shardwing Songbird needed for Songs of The Wild.
  • Over the bridge to the northeast is a small area with stelgaers and a dying monk, who starts The Sealed Missive.
  • The central island contains an old Engwithan ritual site.
  • Crossing the bridge to the southeast will lead to another vision with Thaos, where you make another choice determining the Watcher's soul relationship to Iovara. Beyond lies the exit to Twin Elms.




Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Elmshore, see here.
Dead Adventurer (southwest):
Dead Adventurer:
Container (Hidden - Difficulty 5):