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Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1 is an area in Pillars of Eternity and the first floor of the Endless Paths of Od Nua.


The topmost level of the Endless Paths marks the boundary of the keep of Caed Nua and its lowest point. These vast halls once served as storerooms and workshops, before being taken over by creatures crawling out from the lower levels.

Points of interest[]

  • Immediately upon entering is a locked door to Maerwald's quarters, opened with at least Mechanics 3, or the Heavy Iron Key dropped by the Xaurips in the southeast of the area. Entering triggers a cutscene for The Old Watcher, and starts Never Far from the Queen. Once over, the unique sword Whispers of Yenwood lies on the table by the door.
  • Straight ahead from the corridor leading to Maerwald's quarters is a storage room with some wood beetles.
  • The room to the south-east contains an old storage area and workshop, with spiders and xaurips.
  • Both storerooms connect to a large, cavernous corridor that bisects the entire level of the Endless Paths.
  • The stairs to Level 2 are located in a room at the south-east corner, though it is initially blocked by a magical barrier until dealing with Maerwald, then speaking to the Steward during The Master Below. A pile of bones in this room contains random loot. Furthermore, a dialog with Kana Rua triggers here if he is in the party.
  • The central part of the northern end of the map has a large party of looters, together with a friendly bunch of spiders nearby, eager to join the fight. They drop minor loot (including the frog helm). A hidden switch can be revealed here, opening an alternate route to Maerwald's quarters.
  • The western part of the level is dominated by the topmost layer of the Engwithan ruins spreading below Caed Nua. Oh, and a lovely spider queen. She drops Oidhreacht, a unique stiletto.
  • Access to the Master Staircase in the west is blocked by a door near the center of the west edge. The switch to open this door is a stone on the floor that can only be accessed from the Master Staircase on the other side, e.g., from Level 3.
  • At the north-west corner is the right hand of a giant Adra Statue. It has no function when you first encounter it. Later it is part of the quest The Master Below.
  • Finally, you can climb the thumb of the statue to an exit, leading to the grounds of Caed Nua.


  • Maerwald, the current owner of the keep.


  • Looters
    • Looter
  • Knights
    • Goldpact Knight
After finishing Time and Tide and entering the level through master staircase with Kana in party:
Leaden Key Assassins:
  • Leaden Key Acolyte
  • Leaden Key Assassin
  • Leaden Key Blade
  • Leaden Key Mindrender
  • Leaden Key Tracker
  • Goldpact Mercenary


Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1, see here.
Northeastern rooms:
Weapon Rack:
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 3):
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 2):
Central and eastern rooms:
Barrel (central room, left):
Crate (central room, right):
Crate (eastern room, left):
Crate (eastern room, right):
Bone Pile (Hidden, Difficulty 2):
Central zig-zagging corridor:
Western side:
Web Sac:
Web Sac:
Web Sac:


  • The Xaurips in the southeastern part drop a Heavy Iron Key for Maerwald's door (and the chests within).
  • In the northern part near the looters is a hidden stone switch that opens a secret door to Maerwald's room.

Behind the scenes[]

This area is the player's introduction to the Endless Paths of Od Nua. While the endless paths are a completely optional dungeon, this area also contains content that is crucial to the critical path of the game. Because of this, the area needed to be segregated in parts by the sections that pertain to the endless paths, and what what was critical path. But we didn't want to superimpose this design decision over the architecture and flow of the scene. This was accomplished by introducing tougher encounters if the player were to stray away from the beaten path leading to the old Watcher's chamber. This would telegraph to the player that further dangers lie ahead, ultimately leading them on to the Endless Paths of Od Nua.
~ Matthew Perez, Junior Designer