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Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 13 is an area in Pillars of Eternity, and the thirteenth floor of the Endless Paths of Od Nua.

The items needed for The Master's Tools are located on this level.


The heart of Od Nua's reign, where his throne room, animat manufacturing facilities, and the passageway to the bottom of the titan and the well of souls are located. Sealed for centuries in the wake of Od Nua's defeat, the hallways are still stalked by banshees and the Children of the Wheel: Animats bearing the willing souls of Od Nua's servants and soldiers.

Points of interest[]

  • The stairs to Level 14 are inside the room behind the locked door in the center of this area. See below for more information.
  • The Engwithan Machine Part needed for The Master's Tools can be found in a room directly north of where you enter from Level 12. The room is protected by 3 traps. The middle trap has a high level of difficulty (12).
  • North-east of the entrance is a round room containing several non-hostile spirits that appear once you have dispatched the enemies. If you have learned to speak Engwithan, you can talk to one of them.
  • In the the northwestern corner is a room with four Adra Animats and some loot.
  • At the center of the north edge is a room with four Adra Animats, and the Adra Shell needed for The Master's Tools. A hidden container on the shelves to the left side can be revealed with Mechanics 9, and contains some gems or armor.
  • At the very center of the level is a room with four traps and a large locked door. The middle trap has a high level of difficulty (12). The door requires specific knowledge to open, gained by speaking to the spirits (see below)
  • On the south edge, east of the entrance is a room with two Animats and two Adra Animats. As with the other rooms, after you have dispatched the Animats, spirits will appear. Talk to one to find out something about the locked door. They planned to change its purpose to stop Od Nua.
  • At the center of the east edge is a passage. On the west side of the passage is a room containing the following:
    • A Gleaming Adra Fragment, required for the quest The Master's Tools. There are two pillars in front of it, forming a triangle. Two sides of the triangle are high-level traps. The third (west) side is open, and can be navigated to avoid the traps and loot the fragment.
    • A random hidden gem can be found west of the open side, revealed with Mechanics 10.
    • The room also contains a spirit who won't talk to you.
  • At the north end of the passage on the east side is a round room with 3 Cean Gŵla and two Spectres.
    • In the center of the room there is a hidden switch, which you can only see if you chose to absorb Maerwald's knowledge when you met him in the quest The Old Watcher. The switch opens a hidden wall, allowing entry to another room at the north-east that contains The Flames of Fair Rhîan, a unique sabre.
  • Finally, once you get past the locked door in the center of the area (again, see below), you will fight 4 Adra Animats and the Guardian of Od Nua. From the latter's body you can loot Edge of Reason, a unique battle axe. In the northwestern corner of this room there's a vase, only detectable in Scouting Mode (requires at least Mechanics 10), containing random loot. At the north-east of this room are the stairs to Level 14.

Opening the door[]

To proceed to the next level of the dungeon you must have learned the Engwithan language as part of the Undying Heritage questline. Once learned, you'll be able to understand the spirits and reveal the information required to open the door.

  1. Interact with the door, which says "Beneath stone and weight of years rests one who would slay Death. Who comes to wake him"'. This is required, otherwise the relevant dialogue options will not appear when speaking to the spirits.
  2. Next, speak to the spirit in the northeastern corner. If you ask the spirit the words to open the door he will say:
    "I am a servant to Od Nua. My sword arm is pledged against his enemies. My soul is sworn to his purpose."
  3. Then speak to the spirit in the south to learn that they planned to change the doors purpose to stop Od Nua, and that the words to open the door will be changed to the opposite.
  4. Return to the locked door in the center of this area. You will be presented with several choices:
    • Most do nothing.
    • If you swear that you are an ally of Od Nua, as the northeastern spirit said, you will be struck with a lashing arc of energy (which will give the character Minor Fatigue), and the door will remain closed. You can try again.
    • If you swear the opposite ("I am enemy to Od Nua. My sword arm is pledged against his followers. My soul is sworn to this purpose."), the door will open.



Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 13, see here.
Broken Machine:
Vase (central western corridor):
Vase (central western circular room):
Chest (far NW):
Vase (far NW):
Vase (north central corridor):
Shelf (Hidden, Difficulty 9):
Cracked Animat Armor:
Urn (central east):
Vase (eastern room):
Loose Brick (Hidden, Difficulty 10):
Chest (NE, left):
Chest (NE, right):
Urn (throne room):


Behind the scenes[]

This place used to be a labyrinth, lots of windy corridors and rooms. I think we halved the rooms in the end, and I'm sure the art department was happier for it. The puzzle concerning the passphrase for the talking door originally incorporated some of the smaller engwithan machines and powering up the floor again with soul energy. There was a lot of back and forth for a time as to whether the player character could understand engwithan, or whether engwithan writing, or rather parchment, would have survived at all, and we were constantly changing up where and how the player would pick up clues. Like the layout, it ended up unnecessarily complicated, and the limited props on hand ultimately meant that we had to pare all that down into the current design.
~ Olivia Veras, Junior Designer