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Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 4 is an area in Pillars of Eternity, and the fourth floor of the Endless Paths of Od Nua.


The lowest level of the Aedyran catacombs, transitioning slowly into the ancient Engwithan ruins. The head of the massive adra statue is located here, marking the terminus of Aedyran reach.

Points of interest[]

  • You descend into the level and enter an old storage chamber for the catacombs, with an old Aedyre horror story on the table, as its original owner left it.
  • The lower passage leads to a troll-infested ossuarium, with a passage snaking along the southern edge of the map and leading to a small, ruined library with the Bloodstone Overseer Seal and the Expedition Log Page starting Seals of the Endless Paths. Nearby is the body of Sceyda, which can be looted for Persistence, a unique hunting bow. The passageways beyond connect to the cavern with the statue's head.
  • The other exit from the entrance, as well as the passage northwest from the stairs, lead to a bridge across the chasm and the cavernous area where the statue's head is located. The group of slimes and beetles carries the Resolution saber, probably swallowed along with the owner.
  • The exit to level 5 is in the north-eastern corner.

Companion reactions[]

Some companions have a special comment upon inspecting the statue:

  • Aloth: "Now that's just tacky."
  • Kana Rua: "Incredible... Solid adra, hewn like marble. No - not carved. Shaped."
  • Hiravias: "Amazing... only the Builders themselves could assemble such a massive adra structure... but why?"
  • Pallegina: "It's beautiful, but what is it? Why would the Engwithans build such a thing?"
  • Sagani: "That must've taken somebody a very long time."
  • Grieving Mother: "This place was cruelly shaped, not born."



Notable loot[]

  • Resolution: Looted from a greater black ooze east of the head of the statue, used to open a secret area on level 3.
  • Persistence: On the corpse west of the library to the southeast.


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 4, see here.
Debris (Hidden, Difficulty 4 - Near the head):
Bone Pile (Hidden, Difficulty 5 - By the exit to level 4):

Behind the scenes[]

  • The bridge in the center of the map was supposed to collapse in a scripted interaction, allowing the player to bypass a chunk of the dungeon. However, in the interest of the developers' sanity and encouraging exploration, this functionality was scrapped as it implied the levels were not worthy of exploration and introduced a slew of design headaches.
There were originally more points like the blood pit in level 2, points where you could quickly descend through the levels of Od Nua. This level was going to have a rickety bridge that would collapse underneath you. While it was collapsing, a scripted interaction would play and if you were quick enough you could leap to the other side of the bridge safely. Unfortunately, these kinds of things bring a slew of design issues with them. In a fifteen level dungeon, you want every level to feel necessary. The easiest design practice is to have one level lead directly to another, and make the player explore through that level. When you start allowing the player to skip levels, it makes it much more difficult to justify why they should explore the levels that they had previously skipped. In addition, destroying the bridge would mean that we'd have to make a large change to the environment, which are difficult to pull off in these kinds of scenes. That's why you see most of it only done at the stronghold.
~ Ryan Torres, Design Intern