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Great honor. Strength for lizards. Blood for painting. Good fortune. All this, I give. I am merciful and great.
~ The Drake

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 5 is an area in Pillars of Eternity, and the fifth floor of the Endless Paths of Od Nua.


The roughly-carved catacombs continue here, much less beautiful than the Aedyre catacombs spreading above. It's also the heart of the xaurip infestation, worshipping a drake who makes its lair here.

Points of interest[]

  • There's not a whole lot to see on this floor. Mostly you'll be hacking your way through parties of Xaurip, but you will need to defeat a Drake before you can exit the floor.
  • If you jumped down here from Level 2, the Drake is just to the north and you should probably not go that way first unless you already have a strong party.
  • Otherwise you're entering from Level 4 in the southeast corner of the map. Fight your way to the Master Staircase just north of where you came in, then wrap around to the south. You can find a set of Camping Supplies along the way.
  • In the middle room with the locked door there's a hidden brick that unlocks it and opens a side room (it has no Mechanics requirement). In there you'll find the Ornate Sword Hilt and some additional treasure.
  • The western half of the floor is occupied by a drake and his "followers". The drake is an arrogant, prideful creature that will boast of its greatness and how it was made lord of the level by the Master below. The xaurips flanking it will all agree that he looks good in black and eating them. At any rate, it is a difficult fight, similar to but not as hard as Cael the Silent. He has several helpers but you should be able to dispatch them easily. Once it is defeated, loot the shield Ilfan Byrngar's Solace from a skeleton at its feet.
  • The stairs to level 6 are just behind the drake.



Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 5, see here.
Coin Pile:
Coin Pile:
Bone Pile (Hidden, Difficulty 6 - West of the drake):


  • There's a hidden switch in the middle connection room, opening the door to the treasure room.

Behind the scenes[]

  • This location is the only major map that was made using a recycled location render, namely one belonging to the Temple of Woedica. Although it ended up being distinct in many ways, Obsidian scrapped the idea of reusing maps on a broader scale, with this being the only artifact (small interiors were the exception).
For this level we tried something a little different than how we created the rest of the Endless Paths. This map was made in tandem with another map, the old Woedican ruins underneath First Fires. The two maps were created in a common template [?], and eventually were split. As production continued, the maps became more and more distinct from each other. While this practice did prove very helpful, and it allowed us to make a larger map than we had first budgeted, it was a practice that was best used with caution. If overused, some areas could feel way too similar when they weren't meant to be, and we ended up only using these for house interiors and this one dungeon occasion.
~ Ryan Torres, Design Intern