Eothasian Prayer

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Eothasian Prayer
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Eothasian Prayer is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the deity Eothas.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

And the sun shall break through the darkness, the new dawn arriving with the rebirth of the day
Rejoice all ye who dwelleth in the shadow, who are broken and beaten. The winter soon comes to an end.
Spring shall rise, bringing light and life to the world.
Radiant light, radiant life, and thy soul shall find warmth in his arms.

All creatures bask in his glory.
The rays of his countenance bathe the world, bringing an end to the night, ushering in the day.
Kneel before him and wonder at his benevolence, feel the warmth of his radiant presence.
If thou art broken, he shall make thee whole.
If thou art in darkness, he shall bring thee to the light.
If thou art sinful, thou shalt be reborn.
If thou art cold, his warmth shall bolster thee.

How canst I, so lowly and worn, speak words of proper adulation?
Thine eyes, whose gaze sees the sin in me yet still shows love.
Thine hands, whose grip pulls me out of darkness.
Thine ears, listening to my every prayer.
Thine heart, bright as the dawn, giving me warmth when I am raw.
Eothas, light of spring, sun of the world, thou givest me life and purpose.

If thine heart be black, if thine intention be impure, thy life is forfeit.
For he hath seen, he can see, he will see. Nothing is hidden from his glory.
His light touches every corner of the world. Nothing is hidden from his sight.
If thou doest thy work in the dark, if thou wouldst keep thine actions hidden, thou shalt be burned in the sun of the new dawn.
Day comes soon, prepare for the dawn. Nothing is hidden from his reach.