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Exceptional (armor) is an enchantment for armor in Pillars of Eternity.


  • +4 Damage Reduction (DR)

Unique items with Exceptional enchantment[]

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Scale armor autumn fire icon.png Autumn Fire Scale armor
Breastplate blackwardens breastplate icon.png Blackwarden's Breast [WM2] Breastplate
Blood-blessed-skaen-cultist-robes-icon.png Blood-Blessed Skaen Cultist Robes Robe
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Px4 cloth outfit boatswains uniform icon.png Boatswain's Uniform [DP] Cloth armor
Brigandine coat of ill payment icon.png Coat of Ill Payment Brigandine
Px4 cloth outfit deckhands uniform icon.png Deckhand's Uniform [DP] Cloth armor
Breastplate armor elardh dwr icon.png Elardh Dwr Breastplate
Padded armor elryns jacket icon.png Elryn's Jacket [WM2] Padded armor
Breastplate armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Breastplate Breastplate
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Brigandine armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Brigandine Brigandine
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Hide armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Hide Armor Hide armor
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Leather armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Leather Armor Leather armor
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Mail armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Mail Armor Mail armor
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Padded armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Padded Armor Padded armor
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Plate armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Plate Armor Plate armor
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Robe armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Robe Robe
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Scale armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Scale Armor Scale armor
  • Exceptional (armor): +4 Damage Reduction (DR)
Brigandine armor heldriks coat icon.png Heldrik's Coat Brigandine
Px4 cloth outfit helmsmans uniform icon.png Helmsman's Uniform [DP] Cloth armor
Hide armor husk of the great western stag icon.png Husk of the Great Western Stag Hide armor
Padded armor jack of wide waters icon.png Jack of Wide Waters Padded armor
Mail armor lost meadow mail icon.png Lost Meadow Mail Mail armor
Breastplate osrics family icon.png Osric's Family Breastplate Breastplate
Robe of the tidebringer icon.png Robes of the Tidebringer [WM2] Robe
Hide armor seven skuldrs worth icon.png Seven Skuldr's-Worth Hide armor
Robe armor starlit garb icon.png Starlit Garb Robe
Brigandine the colored coat icon.png The Colored Coat [WM2] Brigandine
Plate armor white crest icon.png White Crest Armor [WM1] Plate armor
Breastplate ryonas breastplate icon.png Ryona's Breastplate [WM2]
(Chanter; Monk; Paladin;)