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Excerpts from the Sermon of Struggle is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the deity Magran.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Choice is a luxury we earn through peace. Struggle is our fundamental nature.

Even when our war banners sit idle, mankind foments strife - friends argue with fists, lovers kindle jealousies, merchants compete with lies... wherever mankind goes, struggle follows.

Magran is Goddess of fire and war, not bloodshed and conquest - though many in Readceras would tell it differently - how bitter they must be that Magran's priests were able to destroy a god made manifest... how bitter indeed. We who worship Magran are not addled barbarians or cloistered mystics. We are soldiers, armorers, watchmen, and bodyguards - artisans of conflict and protectors of our families and flags. We do not salivate for battle, we view war as unwelcome, but struggle is our fundamental nature. We do not pray for strife, we pray for the wisdom to resolve it quickly. We do not wish for war, but when it inevitably must be fought, we find divine ecstasy in discipline, efficiency, and excellence.

Magran, guide us to the battle that is just and fair - let us be your fire that burns away the profane, leaving only the righteous. If struggle is our fundamental nature, let victory be our inevitable state of grace!


Random loot[]

Containers with loot containing Excerpts from the Sermon of Struggle
LocationContainerFixedRandom loot (amount on each day of month)?
Admeth's DenTablePoint-icon.png
Ducal PalaceBookcasePoint-icon.png
Hall of Revealed MysteriesBookcasePoint-icon.png
Teir EvronBookcasePoint-icon.png
Item statistics 
Number of containers4 of 1339 (0.29%) - 4 fixed, 0 random
Item probability0.29% (80 of 26780 possible outcomes)
Maximum available items4 (in 4 occurrences)
Minimum available items4 (in 4 occurrences)
Best day(s)-
Worst day(s)-
Best container(s) by probabilityTable, Bookcase, Bookcase, Bookcase (0 occurrences)
Best container(s) by quantity-