Expedition Log Page (Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 4)

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Expedition Log Page
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Expedition Log Page is a document in Pillars of Eternity.

It is one in a series of documents that detail the Aedyran expedition below Caed Nua and can be found at several places throughout the Endless Paths.

This specific one is the first log page by chronological order.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This appears to be a page torn from some larger text.

"My journal is molting pages. I do not know if any part of my account will survive this expedition.

We thought Sceyda lost alongside Edriga, but she has returned, carrying a strange seal and a smirk on her face despite her injuries. She is badly wounded, and Merec is tending to her.

I have been researching the seal in the meantime. It is of an intricate design, made of adra shaped around a small bloodstone gem. It seems one of our predecessors was attempting to translate some of the inscriptions in these ruins. According to his texts, these seals were carried by three Engwithan overseers, all bearing titles - The Guardian, the Builder, and the Scribe. This one seems to have belonged to the Guardian, who was charged with defending these ruins against incursions from dangerous beasts.

I have to admit I don't believe he did a very good job of that."

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