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Factions is a catch-all term referring to a broad variety of organizations created by kith for religious, political, commercial, and other purposes. This page lists all of them, along with a short summary of their activity.

Nations[ | ]

Global[ | ]

  • Leaden Key – A secretive organization dedicated to the goddess Woedica.
  • The Circle of Archmagi – A council of archmages who concern themselves with issues pertaining to magic and the use of magic in Eora.

Religious[ | ]

Paladin orders[ | ]

  • Bleak Walkers – A paladin order of soldiers dedicated to conducting warfare mercilessly and with extreme brutality in order to bring a swift end to conflicts. Known for their unyielding, terrible nature, most nobles will only call on them as a last resort.[1]
  • Darcozzi PaladiniPaladin order of legendary elite guards of Darcozzi Palace in the Grand Empire of Vailia. They set standards for selfless dedication, unwavering loyalty, and inspiring leadership that have become the pillars for similar orders that have sprung up in this part of the world in the two millennia since they were founded.[2][3]
  • Fellows of St. Waidwen Martyr – Religious paladin order that defends the Godhammer pilgrim path for their god Eothas.[4]
  • Frermàs mes Canc SuoliasVailian political paladin order. The translation of the name is Brotherhood of the Five Suns.[4]
  • Goldpact Knights – Paladin order that is devoted to a rigid way of living/working/existing(essentially mercenary paladins). They are believers in the idea that payment/gold is a solemn bond that must be upheld at all costs. They are the most "professional" and least morally-concerned paladin order players can select.[4][5]
  • Kind Wayfarers – A paladin order of Knights-errant who assist troubled travelers and celebrate love, condemning deception and malice evenwhen dealing with their enemies. The Kind Wayfarers are a diverse group of people and can be found all over the known world.
  • The Steel Garrote – A paladin order that serves Woedica.
  • The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga – A paladin order of Aedyran holy warriors who emphasize kindness and diplomacy over cruelty and aggression. The Shieldbearers were founded in honor of an elven noble who helped unite the Aedyr and Kulklin kingdoms after a long war.[1]

Political[ | ]

Eastern Reach[ | ]

Free Palatinate of Dyrwood
Eir Glanfath
Minor settlements

Deadfire Archipelago[ | ]

Settlements and minor factions

Other factions[ | ]

  • Obsidian Order – one of many fourth-wall-breakers present in game, Obsidian order is a secret game faction composed of the real-world Kickstarter backers who pledged extra $8 during campaign.