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Ferry Flotsam is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


Before a storm took 'everything' from her, Peregund, an orlan merchant of Defiance Bay, used to run a ferry to cross the river near the ruined Madhmr Bridge. To top it all, she got attacked by looters while trying to recover the remains of her cargo and is now in dire need of a well equipped and capable adventurer like the Watcher to deal with the problem, but, as always, things are not as simple as they seem.


The task is given by Peregund at Madhmr Bridge. She will ask you to retrieve her goods from Looters. If you agree, the task begins.

  1. Travel south a couple of steps and you will find a slope.
  2. Defeat the Looters and continue making your way to the river.
  3. You will meet Hanwen and her party. She will tell you that they are starving, and need the goods to survive. If the Looters are still alive and aggressive, then Hanwen and crew will attack.
  4. You have a couple of options:
    • Option A: Agree to help Hanwen by letting them continue, and telling Peregund you found nothing. You will receive Hermit's Hat (Immunity to Confused, +2 Intellect), earn a minor positive Reputation in Defiance Bay, and Hanwen and her companions will leave the river (fade to black).
    • Option B: Decide to help Peregund to retrieve her goods by either attacking Hanwen's party, or insisting that they stop stealing the goods, in which case they will attack you. Either way, you will earn a minor negative Reputation in Defiance Bay, and you can loot the Hermit's Hat from one of the Looters.
    • Option C: If you go to the river before talking to Peregund you can skip the dialog trigger in step 3, and combined with sufficient stealth sneak past Hanwen and her looters to steal the Ferry Cargo from the crate behind her, avoiding the confrontation entirely. You will still receive the same minor negative Reputation with Defiance Bay as Option B however, and you will not receive the Hermit's Hat.
  5. Return to Peregund to complete the task.
    • If you decided to help the looters (Option A) you will have to lie to Peregund, and say that the goods washed away. You will get no reward from her, a minor amount in Deceptive disposition, and the price goods at her store will increase by 33.3%.
    • If you killed or sneaked past the looters, (Option B or C), you will get Copper pands (cp)600, and a 13.3% discount at her shop.

Regardless of how you complete the task, Peregund moves to Copperlane in Defiance Bay, where she sells traps.


  • Hanwen becomes unresponsive after completing the task using Option C, indicating that this was perhaps not an intended solution (cursor turns into a dialog but nothing happens when you click on her).


ID Objectives
0 Ferry Flotsam
10000 I met a merchant named Peregund, she was located not far from the ruined Madhmr Bridge. She had a ferry to cross the river, but a storm smashed the ship to pieces.

Peregund wishes my help in recover her goods from the ferry wreckage. Looters are trying to claim the cargo for themselves, and the unarmed Peregund cannot reclaim her supplies by herself.

1 Find the wreckage.
10001 I should investigate the area immediately downstream of the Madhmr Bridge and look for signs of the wrecked ferry.
4 Return to Peregund.
10004 I should return to Peregund with news of her cargo.
20004 The "looters" claiming Peregund's supplies turned out to be impoverished survivors of the storm. I said that I would lie, and claim I found nothing so that Hanwen may keep the cargo.
20005 The looters have been eliminated and the cargo, what's left of it, at least, has been recovered.
End states
Yes Return Items
30000 I returned Peregund's items, and she rewarded me with some coin for my trouble, as well as a promise of future deals at her store in Defiance Bay.
Yes Keep Items
30001 To protect Hanwen and her friends, I lied to Peregund, saying all of her cargo washed away.
No Kill Peregund
30002 Peregund is dead, making the matter of her cargo being returned largely irrelevant.