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Finishing Blow is an ability in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The rogue looks to finish off an injured opponent with a precise, deadly strike that increases in damage the more Health the target is missing.


  • Target:
    Full Attack
  • Self:
    +50% Damage, +50% Damage by percentage of target's Health lost


  • Ignore the 25% "Bonus Damage" in the ability inspect window, it does not apply.
  • To clarify the effect description:
    • Finishing Blow always grants a base of +50% (x1.5) bonus damage.
    • If the target's health is above 50%, no additional damage is added to this value.
    • If the target's health is 50% or lower, for each percentage below 50%, Finishing Blow gains an additional +3% damage. Eliminating Blow increases this bonus to +6%. The final multiplier is calculated with:
currentHealthRatio = currentHealth / maxHealth
diffHealthRatio = 0.5 - currentHealthRatio

damageMultiplier = 1.5 + (0.03 * diffHealthRatio * 100)


Ability Condition Learn level Description Effects
Finishing Blow (Priest of Skaen) Priest of Skaen (Priest subclass) Power level 3: Automatic at level 7 / 10 No resource cost, no other changes