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Fior mes Ivèrno (Vailian: Flower of Winter[notes 1]), more commonly known as Fior (sometimes Fiore), is a major Vailian settlement in the Living Lands in Avowed. It was founded around 2780 AI, around 50 years prior to the Envoy's arrival on the continent. It is notable as an enclave of animancers, who freely study the soul-sciences of animancy away from the prying, watchful eye of larger authorities in the area.

Background[ | ]

Points of interest[ | ]

  • Fior is home to Giatta and Yatzli, two companions in the game.

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • Fior mes Ivèrno was first mentioned in the Giatta Cosplay Guide as Giatta's birthplace, published on January 18, 2023.[1]
  • During the Developer_Direct Extended on January 22, 2023, in dialogue with Hasui, he alludes to something notable happening in Fior, but it is not known what.[2] Based on the footage shown later in the Story Trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 6, 2024, Fior is likely set ablaze during the events of Avowed (although this is speculative).[3]
  • Carrie Patel, game director on Avowed, first describes Fior during the Xbox Games Showcase Deep Dive, on June 10, 2024.[4]

Gallery[ | ]


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Footnotes[ | ]

  1. Since the Vailian language draws inspiration from real-world Italian we can assume that "Fiore" (Italian for flower) is also Vailian for flower. However, this is not confirmed by any currently-available in-game translations.