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Firethrower's Gloves is a gloves in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

These leather gloves are cracked and discolored from contact with alchemical compounds and burning gunpowder. The fingertips, blackened from fuse and flame, still provide surprising dexterity and grip. The artificer, Elmae Buerst, crafted them during her time with a Dyrwoodan grenadier company during the Saint's War, where she oversaw the construction and implementation of the unit's explosives.

Due to the rapidity of the Readceran incursion into the Palatinate, the Dyrwoodans were frequently short on supplies, even in their home territory. Elmae had to make do with what little powder and other components she had. As the war escalated, the artisan found her presence necessary on the frontlines - both to resupply her troops and offer instruction. Her valiant leadership and the courage of her troops earned her company the moniker "Elmae's Firethrowers." Whether these gloves belonged to Elmae herself or one of her soldiers is unknown.