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Politics, infighting, greed. And a shrine to Magran as well. Her clergy belongs there.
~ Durance

First Fires is the government district of Defiance Bay in Pillars of Eternity.


The government district, named as such to commemorate it as the place where the revolution started. It hosts the Ducal Palace, Vailian embassy, and Crucible Keep. An old, derelict temple of Woedica is also present, deliberately left to rot and decay.[1][2]

Points of interest[]


Backer NPCs[]

  • Kad'lr Koan
  • Llyranor
  • Meghnad
  • Quinalin Grapplewind
  • Ravadav Durr
  • Ruben Torres
  • "Twelvecharms" Maggie Tiller
  • Urist Nakazul

Companion reactions[]

Some companions have a special comment upon visiting the Temple of Woedica:

  • Aloth: "This looks like the place Maerwald described."
  • Sagani: "Is this the old church you were looking for?"
  • Kana Rua: "This would be the temple Maerwald spoke of. Or what remains of it."
  • Hiravias: "This was once hallowed ground for Woedica's faithful. I wonder how long it's been abandoned..."
  • Edér: "This'd be our church of Woedica. Heh, Dyrwoodans. Probably the first thing we burned during the revolution."

Two companions have a special comment upon reaching the Ducal Palace:

  • Durance: "Politics, infighting, greed. And a shrine to Magran as well. Her clergy belongs there."
  • Grieving Mother: "Too many... minds here, all shallow."

Durance has a special comment upon reaching the Vailian Embassy:

  • Durance: "All these circling feet, heading nowhere."

Related quests[]

Side quests[]



Behind the scenes[]

  • The First Fires district was likely going to have four additional "house" locations, as evidenced by the unused area IDs: AR_0202_First_Fires_House_01, AR_0203_First_Fires_House_02, AR_0204_First_Fires_House_03, AR_0205_First_Fires_House_04_Lower, and AR_0206_First_Fires_House_04_Upper. It's possible that these were moved to Copperlane at some point during development.