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Flames-That-Whisper Caverns is a network of caverns in The White March - Part I, and the seat of the eponymous crag ogre clan.


These winding caves are used as shelter for the Flames-That-Whisper crag ogre clan. They are filled with their bedrolls, trophies, and the odd carved skull.

Points of interest[]

Upper cavern
  • An area filled with ogres. The entrance to the lower level is to the far notheast. The corridor on the northeastern corner of the map contains a large camp with several ogres and canoneers, so be wary. To the southeast is yet another camp with more ogres, pondering cuisine. All containers are marked as owned.
  • In the center of the map is a large opening that you can interact with. This opens up a scripted interaction where you can use a grappling hook to climb down
    • Half-way down you will find an outcropping with a traveler's bones. At this point you can try to swing for the outcropping, but doing so will cause the hook to give way. A character with Dexterity 16 can climb up the chute to re-secure the hook. This will allow you to take Golden Gaze from a bag buried among the bones.
    • If you ignore the outcropping, you can just keep on climbing down to arrive at the lower level.
    • If you end up in free-fall, a priest with Armor of Faith can protect the party from damage (bruised ribs for all). Having Dragon Leap unlocked allows you to protect yourself.
  • Behind the locked door is the scrying room. You need the key from the fishery to access it and confront the matron.
Lower cavern
  • The lower level is populated by lagufaeths and is divided into several discrete sections. If you use the stairs, you start in the south-eastern part with the ogre armories a short walk to the north and the south. The ogre mine is in the southeastern part of this section. The rest of the area is connected by a single central chamber with magical pillars.
  • The northwestern corridor is trapped with a pair of magical pillars linked to a tripwire. Mechanics 11 (12 on POTD) will see you safely across them. The two-trap corridor to the northwest leads to a room with ice blights and stairs leading to the matron's chambers.
  • The south-western section has a large central pool that acts as the ogre fishery. The lizards patrol its edges, with the exit point for the ice chute to the south-east. The hidden gap near the glowing pillars has the unique Wayfarer's Hide. Check the bodies of the ogres for the scrying chamber key.
  • It's possible to pass through this area in relative peace without killing too many ogres. To do so, sneak to the ice chute, make your way down, find the scrying room key, then return the same way and confront the matron directly.
  • If you forge a truce, Morug will become available as a trader at the entrance to the cave.


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Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Flames-That-Whisper Caverns, see here.
Upper cavern
Lower cavern
Crate (N):
Crate (N):
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 6 - SE):
Corpse (SW, left):
Crate (SW):
Corpse (SW, top):
Barrel (SW):
Corpse (SE, right):