Folded Note (Queen Onekaza II)

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Folded Note
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Folded Note is a document in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.


A swell of hateful intentions winds its way up to Serpent's Crown. The long stalemate with our 'allies' comes to an abrupt end.

You anticipated this day. I merely wished to forestall it. I apologize if I ever underestimated your judgment. In better times, we would have done greater things for the tribes, but tricksome Ngati had other plans.

Fight well, brother of mine. My personal guard will fortify the rooftop. They are poised to take me far away from our city if your forces are overwhelmed. Our enemies will not find me until the moment of my choosing.

Should you fall through Tangaloa's mouth, may the wisdom of this life carry you to the next. We will return to serve the tribes again.

Your sister and queen, Onekaza II

Acquisition[edit | edit source]