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Fonferrus is a galleon ghost ship in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, helmed by Lucia Rivan, a Darcozzi Paladini turned Death Guard.


Known as The Floating Hangman, the ship is a frightful legend among sailors in the Deadfire. Many sailors fear the Hangman, and flee at the first sight of thick fog, an omen of its arrival. It is rumored to have a crew of undead, captained by a visage of death itself, and the ability to magically clear even the roughest storms.

The hangman is the resurrected remains of the Grand Vailian galleon, the Fonferrus, meaning "Iron Strength", a ship that Darcozzi paladin Lucia Rivan used to flee the burning palace when charged to protect the royal family's sword, the Engoliero do Espirs.

After being tracked down by Yseyr the Berathian, Rivan was slain during the ensuing fight at the Battle of the Dusken Isle. Himself being mortally wounded in the battle, Yseyr retreated to Neketaka and begged Berath for another chance to serve his cause of protecting the sword, even in death, thus becoming a Death Guard. Out of sheer will and faith, Rivan too rose from the dead, spawning a crew of undead to aid her. She now roams the sea in the tattered ship, attacking unknowing vessels in hopes of one day coming across Yseyr and reclaiming the sword.


  • The Príncipi wish to use the Hangman to pass through the storms of Ondra's Mortar on to Ukaizo. This is explored in the quests Honor Among Thieves, A Dance with Death. If you manage to obtain the ship, it is added to your fleet and you are able to use it freely.
  • Symbols of Death: You can question Selinia, a survivor of an attack by the ghost ship. During or after completing this quest you encounter the ship first hand. See the quest page for details regarding.
  • The Final Voyage: The crew of the Antelope, captained by Captain Teryc Lofell fell victim to the ship. The quest involves finding the remaining crew members.

In-game references[]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"He/She must be the Watcher of Caed Nua. Slayer of the undead. Raedric's killer." A few of the undead aboard the Floating Hangman recoil in horror.