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Biography and appearance
Game The Forgotten Sanctum
Race Elf
Gender Male
Faction previously The Circle of Archmagi and Hand Occult
Class Wizard
Location Oratory of Wael
Quests Annotated History

Fyonlecg is one of the archmages of Eora, appearing in The Forgotten Sanctum.


An Aedyran elf and former member of the Hand Occult and The Circle of Archmagi.


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This character is involved in quests.

Annotated History


  • Annotated History: The archmage is encountered in the course of the quest and promptly kills Maura.

Behind the scenes[]

For one, I wanted a more "traditional" villain for this DLC. We were doing a dungeon delve with a bunch of weird stuff in it, so there were certain beats I wanted to be straightforward or immediately understandable. So self-obsessed elf archmage partly arose from that - and where do we get our ideas of what's traditional and classic if not from Baldur's Gate, its influences, and the stuff those games have influenced since?

At the same time, I wanted someone who would reflect Aloth to an extent. An argument could be made (and Edér makes it, if you've got him and Aloth in the party in the Heart of Mystery, and the farmer dislikes the latter) that Fyonlecg is Aloth through a glass darkly. He's the worst possible version of Aloth.

Plus I knew that Aedyr Elf Wizard was a common enough player character type (it's mine, come to think of it!) that Fyonlecg could reflect the Watcher, too.

One of the subtler themes that runs through all three of the DLCs is an examination of how the Engwithan gods treat those who serve them. To what extent (if at all) can the Watcher trust the entities that, say, would shove a favored servant into a statue to run a personal fight club for two thousand years? What reward can the Watcher possibly expect from the likes of Berath for doing their will? But what's the alternative? What else could the Watcher do with the power they've amassed? At what point would they graduate from useful tool to threat to be crushed?

His half-faced state was meant largely to communicate that he'd gone through part of the process that created the other eyeless entities within the Halls Obscured. (I personally think it resonates thematically, too, on a bunch of different levels - reflecting on his particular ambitions towards recognition, the "wisdom" of the Circle in general, and the capriciousness of Wael - but interpretation doesn't belong to the author.)

As for his performance, I cast Dale Rapley based solely on his audition, which blew me entirely away. He seemed to immediately understand the character's underpinnings and brought them to life, adding depth to a character that I would argue isn't wildly deep (in comparison to, say, Neriscyrlas).
~ OEI_Alex