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May you be guided and tempered by the flame.

Fyrga is a tranquil Ardent of Magran in Pillars of Eternity. She can be found in the Ducal Palace in First Fires, at the Shrine of Magran.


Fyrga is the Tranquil Ardent, or head priest of the shrine to Magran at the ducal palace. Though ostensibly a fervent believer in the gods, she is suffering a crisis of faith. As a result, the sacred pyre of Magran's statue isn't lit, as well as for all other statues through all districts of Defiance Bay. Fyrga simply isn't able to keep those fires lit. After fifteen years of faithful service to Magran, the Hollowborn Crisis has dearly affected her: How could Magran allow her favored nation to suffer like this? What strength can a soulless child offer?

However, she believes that Magran may be speaking to her again: After having visions of a cave, she hopes someone will help her, to go looking after some token of her deity in that dangerous place, that might restore her faith. Until then, she serves the people as best she can... That is, not at all, as her faith has crumbled.


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This character starts quests.

Cinders of Faith


  • Cinders of Faith: When the Watcher returns with the ember of faith from her visions, their own faith and way of looking at things may decide, whether Fyrga gains her faith back or abdicates her role.

Companion reactions[]

  • Durance is rather nonplussed about Fyrga's lack of faith:
What strength do we gain from adversity? From trial and test?

"The fires don't wither because she lacks in faith, they wither because she does not understand how to be faithful to a whore.

"A whore wants neither praise nor devotion. A whore wants to be compensated for her services, and Magran is paid and pleasured in sweat and struggle and pain. This... mewling imbecile is unworthy of Magran's womanly heat.


"Hnh. Worthless, like so many of Magran's flock. Afraid of her god's tests. If Magran speaks to her, it is to hasten an end to a hypocrite's life, and this vision is surely a deathtrap for the weak."