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Galawain's greatest desire for us is that prey becomes predator, mewling babes grow into strong hunters, and the lost find their own enlightenment.
~ Book of the Hunt

Galawain (GAH-lah-wayn) (Huana: Toamowhai) is patron of the hunt in all its forms. He is also protector of wild places and untamed wilderness, where the hunt manifests in its purest form as a daily struggle for survival.


As the "Father of Monsters", Galawain often fashions new races of predatory creatures. He will use the souls and characteristics of dedicated followers for his prototypes.[1]

In an earlier time of the gods under Woedica, Galawain served as a divine enforcer.[1]


Galawain prizes perseverance and cleverness, and encourages survival of the fittest. He is honored by those whose occupations are concerned with pursuit and discovery. His faithful include frontiersmen, constables, treasure-seekers, explorers, and even scholars, many of whom wear his carved symbol – a dog's head – around their wrist or neck. Because of Galawain's role as an enforcer, assassins consider him their patron.[2]

He also holds an important role for some Glanfathan clans, who carry the body of dying leaders deep into the forest. If their body is left intact by scavengers they believe the leader's soul has joined Galawain's pack. If the body is ravaged, they believe the soul was left to find it's own way through The Wheel and their leadership was illegitimate, striking their name from oral records. Followers of other races may follow a similar practice of wandering deep into the woods when they feel death approaching.[1]

In the Deadfire Archipelago, he is worshipped upon a small subset of animist aumaua as Toamowhai, the "Faces of the Hunt".


Galawain is often see as "The Changeling", which is described as a "broad-shouldered man with shaggy hair and beard, nut-brown skin, and some animals traits (e.g. pointed, hairy ears like an orlan's and sharp canine teeth)", accompanied by a pack of beasts. However, he may also take on the appearance of a wolf or dog.[1]


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