Galven Regd

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Galven Regd
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Orlan
Gender Male
Culture Glanfathan

Regd was a Glanfathan Orlan, fabled freedom fighter or a dirty-fighting orlan depending on which side of the Bael River you ask. He fought in the Broken Stone War as a member of the Fangs, after which he become galven of the Eir Glanfath and remained so until the War of Black Trees.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Nothing is know of Regd before the Broken Stone War after which he distinguished himself with his ferocity and swift action. The actual war was short, though after he was appointed galven Regd continued the attacks on the colonists. The erls of Dyrwood unable to stop his attacks elected Edrang Hadret as gréf, and so started their famous rivalry. During the course of two years they fought each other to a stalemate which forced the Dyrwoodans to sign a treaty with the promise to stop the plundering of Engwithan ruins.

The peace lasted until 2631 AI when Dyrwoodan erls broke the treaties and sent men to plunder the ruins. Galven Regd again railed the Glanfathans, and even managed to convice a number of delemgan to join the fight. This time the Dyrwoodans were lead by Admeth Hadret, the son of his former adversary. At one time during the war Regd was in the forest at the Isce Uar River when Admeth proved a shrewd enemy. He set the forest on fire and blocked the retreat, which led to the death of thousands Glanfathans and Regd's capture.

After his capture Galven Regd was brought to New Heomar, and the Glanfathans lost the war. His ultimate fate is unknown.

Ingame Books[edit | edit source]