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Galvino is an engineer and animancer in The White March - Part I.

He can be found in the basement of Galvino's Cabin, reachable from the Durgan's Battery exterior.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

An elderly man hunches over a cluttered desk in the back of the workshop. His flesh is pulled tightly around thin, fragile-looking bones, except around his neck, where it hangs in loose wattles. He turns as you enter, a scowl already chiseled into his lined face.

Galvino is a Vailian animancer who sought the privacy of the White March for his work. His first place of work was Stalwart village, where he crossed paths with the Devil of Caroc, condemned to die for her vengeful streak and path of destruction she carved across the March. Galvino was convinced that it would be wasteful to kill her outright, so he convinced Mayor Cyneheod to allow him to perform an experiment. Galvino transferred a fully intact soul from a living subject to a fabricated body with no loss of personality or memory. The body was his life's greatest, most sophisticated work, the transfer the crowning of his career as an animancer. But the villagers disagreed after Grynde revealed the deal and ran him, the Mayor, and the Devil of Caroc out of Stalwart.

Unwilling to roll over and give up, Galvino set up in an abandoned underground near the Battery, where he commenced work on replicating his success with the Devil, attempting to create more golems like her. However, despite intense work and importing of specimens from the Brackenbury sanitarium, he was stuck at a dead-end: The constructs were misshapen, broken, or explosive, with no sign of the intelligence that he hoped to implement in them. Without a success to demonstrate before the academies of science in the Vailian Republics, he is nobody (and that cushy job at Solano won't be available).

However, years of study left him the foremost expert on the Battery and the Pargrunen dwarves that built it. Meticulous research and gathering of facts allowed him to discern the precise methods for opening the Battery's doors, although due to a distinct lack of living Battery dwarves, he has not been able to test his theory (the doors require a cantec, a statement of purpose, to open up). He assumes that all that's needed is finding and awakening the soul that belonged to one such dwarf and then recording the cantec. Just a simple, everyday job.


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