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Galvino's Workshop is a dungeon in The White March - Part I expansion of Pillars of Eternity.


A large subterranean facility hidden beneath an unassuming log cabin in the woods. Galvino, the eccentric engineer and animancer has adapted it for his various experiments and studies.

Points of interest[]

  • You start in the southwest. The first corridor is filled with traps, with the next room containing flesh and misshapen constructs.
  • Galvino's old chambers are to the east of the first chamber you enter. After a corridor with two traps you run into a horde of misshapen, aggressive constructs. It connects to two more rooms, one is Galvino's old study and dining room at the far end (pilfer experimental notes and workshop key from the shelves). The old workshop has more constructs (surprise) and more notes.
  • The room to the west contains more damaged constructs, Galvino's failed forays into dwarven automaton technology. Be wary of unstable ones, they will attempt to self-detonate near your party and killing them before the skill goes off is the only way to avoid a large explosion. The room is filled with remains of experiments, with the Subject Roster on the table near the entrance.
  • The wall has a hidden switch (revealed with Mechanics 9 in stealth) that opens into Galvino's old private chambers and random loot on the armor rack. The locked cell contains a broken construct with a still-awake soul inside that will try to extort you... If you choose an option which leads to the construct realizing what it is, it will attack you; if you simply pay the fee (Copper pands (cp)500), it will be incapable of receiving the coins (you still lose it anyways) but will leave you alone afterwards; with an Intellect of 13, you can make it aware of its cage and the open door, so it will leave and self-destruct.
  • The area beyond the workroom contains a large room with several machines that Galvino used in his experiments with souls and their transfers. Oh, and it's filled with more constructs, including a pair of exploding ones that will rush you the moment you step inside. Baelsyr is locked inside the barrel to the left, with Subject: Baelsyr on the shelves behind.
  • The eastern door can be activated using a lever. The winding corridor leads to Galvino's old proving grounds. The part to the northeast contains the old construct proving grounds with more exploding constructs and one carrying crumpled experimental notes. The table in the back contains the cell key.
  • The final chamber is accessed with the workshop key. Inside is Galvino and the Devil of Caroc.




Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Galvino's Workshop, see here.
Western workshop:
Grating (Hidden, Difficulty 9 - In the cell):
Western secret room:
Armor Rack:
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 5):
Mannequin workshop:
Mannequin (Hidden, Difficulty 10):
Wooden Box (Locked, Difficulty 1):
Galvino's study and testing grounds:
Pile of Scrolls:
Weapon Rack: