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My forefathers taught the citizens of Defiance Bay to fear and respect the Doemenel name. In the wake of Hadret's Rebellion, establishing a reputation was... most expedient. We don't live in the same world as they. Trouble is brewing, but this time, we must be careful if we want to avoid the crossfire.

Lord Gedmar Doemenel is a nobleman and crime boss in Pillars of Eternity.

He can be found on the second floor of Doemenel Manor in the Brackenbury district of Defiance Bay.


Lord Gedmar Doemenel is a man of presence. He wears finery in the style of Aedyre nobility, yet there are scars across his knuckles and burns on his neck that few highborn bear. Gedmar is the head of the Doemenel family, and boss of the family's criminal organization. He is a shrewd strategist, anticipating major upheavals in the power structure governing the Bay and wants his family to retake their place under the sun... While avoiding the devastation that's sure to follow when the Crucible Knights and the Dozens finally come to blows.


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The Changing of the Guard