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Glanfathans speak Glanfathan, which borrows elements of Cornish, Welsh, and a bit of Irish. q, u, x, y, and z are all unused in Glanfathan. w is both a consonant and a vowel ("uh" or "oo" if it has a circumflex). It has the Irish-style "si" ("shih" or "shee" when there's a circumflex over the i), the Welsh "ll" (hard to explain, like an aspirated l sound), and distinguishes between an unvoiced th (like "thought") and a voiced dh (like "the").

Glanfathan writing is, like Aedyran, adapted from the Old Vailian alphabet brought overseas by the Aedyrans long ago. The Glanfathans put their own spin on this alphabet, so there are some noticeable differences that can confuse the uninformed.

  • A and â is the difference between "paw" and "pat."
  • E and ê is the difference between "hen" and "hay."
  • I and î is the difference between "ilk" and "eel."
  • O and ô is the difference between "oats" and "ought."
  • W and ŵ is the difference between "butt" and "boot."

Note that last part - in Eir Glanfath, the letter w acts as our letter u

Dh is used for a hard thorn sound, such as with "this" or "that." Conversely, Th is a softer sound in Glanfathan - barely vocalized, like when one says "thief" or "thought." Si sounds like a soft sh sound - like "ship." Put an accent on it and Sî sounds like "she" - you add an "h" sound in either case.


  • Adran – sacred
  • Aenem – place
  • Anam – soul
  • Anamfath, plural anamfatha – soul prince,the spiritual leaders of the tribes.
  • An raŵdha stil – to bloody one's sword
  • Argŵes – armor (pronounced "Arg-oo-es")
  • Bewnen – life (pronounced "Be-uh-nen")
  • Blaidh – wolf (pronounced "Blay-th")
  • Cas – battle
  • Delem – leaf
  • Deva – evil
  • Den – man
  • Dîal - vengeance
  • Enfath – princess
  • Estramor, plural Estramorwn – foreigner(s) (plural is "Es-tra-mor-un")
  • Fath, plural Fatha – prince(s)
  • Galven – Sparrow, a term for Glanfathan war chief.
  • Gwan – winter
  • Has en êr – as the bird flies
  • Henwn – woman
  • I – in
  • Lle – place
  • Onolfên – the Glanfathan equivalent of Hollowborn.
  • Pames – walker
  • Rhemen – building
  • , plural rîow – wise one(s) (singular is pronounced "Ree," plural is "Ree-au")
  • Scâth – shield
  • Sînwen – spirit
  • ŵen – maiden (pronounced "oo-en")
  • Weredh – soil (pronounced "ue-reth" with a hard th sound)
  • Weretha – the whole of our world (pronounced "ue-retha" with a soft th sound)
  • Raoithe – wise ones[1]
  • Cawldha Dev – Black Runner, the small second moon.[2]
  • Elardh Dwr – Steel Swan, unique plate armor.[3]

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