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Golden Celery is a plant in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A common sight on Dyrwoodan farmland, these thick-stemmed plants are topped by clusters of small yellow flowers. They are commonly used for cooking, or the creation of Goldrot chew, derived from their roots.


Recipes using Golden Celery[]

Enchanting recipes[]

Name Effects Level Enchantment Points Ingredients Cost
Weapon enchantment recipes
Shocking Lash
  • +25% Shock damage
1 2 Anvils 100Copper pands (cp)
Armor enchantment recipes
  • +3 Damage Reduction (DR) vs Shock damage
6 1 Anvils 100Copper pands (cp)

Crafting recipes[]

Name Effect Duration Value Ingredients Amount
Potions crafting recipes

  • +15 Damage Reduction (DR) (Burn, Shock, Corrode, Freeze)
60 sec Copper pands (cp)300 2

  • +25 Deflection
  • +20 Reflex
45 sec Copper pands (cp)500 2

20 sec Copper pands (cp)300 2
Scrolls crafting recipes

20 sec Copper pands (cp)700 2

20 sec Copper pands (cp)100 2