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Careful. I've traveled the continet, and the hardest bargains still come from my seven-year-old.
~ Sagani

Gordy is a character in Pillars of Eternity.

He can be found near the south gate of the Copperlane district of Defiance Bay.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A young boy watches the passersby and counts a grimy handful of coins. His face and arms are smudged with dirt, but except for the grass stains, his clothes are in good condition.

As you approach, he blinks and makes a quick, furtive effort to pocket his coins.

He is Hamor's son and a kid who's incredibly passionate about knives. He learned a lot about metalworking, about how they are made in a forge, how they can pierce armor... His biggest ambition is to have a March Steel Dagger, one of the finest blades to be had in Defiance Bay (except for Durgan steel, but they don't make it anymore, so it doesn't count).


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This character starts quests.

Something Secret


  • Something Secret: When you talk to him, he suggests a trade. This starts the task.

Companion reactivity[]

When first being hailed by Gordy

"Hey, mister/miss, want to know a secret?" He wipes his nose with a sleeve. "I know a real good secret."

  • Pallegina: "Why do people have children, again?"
  • Sagani: "Careful. I've traveled the continent, and the hardest bargains still come from my seven-year-old."
  • Edér: "Looks like we got a little hustler here. Someone raised this kid right."
  • Grieving Mother: "How nimble are young minds." Her eyes gleam. "It has been long since I was reminded of a child's precociousness."
After hearing about Gordy's penchant for daggers and his proposition

"See, I know plenty about daggers, and I really, really want this one, and if you could just get it for me, I promise I'll never, ever ask anyone for anything ever again."

  • Sagani: "In Massuk, we begin training our daughters with the hunting knife as soon as they can talk. Many can field-dress a hare before their tenth birthday." She frowns. "I wouldn't trust this kid with a butter knife."
  • Pallegina: Pallegina shrugs. "Sure, why not?"
  • Edér: "I used to have a knife when I was his age. I don't know a better way to learn what you should and shouldn't stab. I say we give him a chance."
  • Hiravias: "Why do I get the feeling this kid would manage to hurt himself with a picture of a knife? Can't we just scare the information out of this kid like responsible adults?"
  • Kana: "March steel! The lad has good taste. I only ever had little shark-stickers, as a child. Mostly for oysters. Still managed to poke a hole through my palm once..."
  • Grieving Mother: The Grieving Mother's eyes glow with warmth. "Is not the determination of a child an amazing thing? Yet it quickly turns to mischief... untempered by age and experience."
After threatening Gordy

[Grab Gordy by the shirt and hold him above your head.] "How about you tell me that secret right now, before I get angry?"

  • Sagani: "Was that really necessary, [Player Name]?"
  • Pallegina: "Gellarde. You've shown this small child who's the boss around here."
  • Edér: "You should've let me know you wanted to shake down a kid. I got this thing where I blow pipe smoke in their face. They get the message."
  • Hiravias: Hiravias sniffs at the air and smirks. "Not sure if you were trying to make the kid soil himself but... congratulations? Maybe you should give him new pantaloons instead of a knife."
  • Kana Rua: "He's only a lad, [Player Name]! We can't be that hard up for coin."
  • Grieving Mother: "What are you doing? Is there not enough violence and fear in the world? Leave the child be!"
...and hurling him to the ground

[Hurl Gordy to the ground.] "Don't try anything like that again, or you'll see what grown-ups can do with a nice, sharp dagger."

  • Grieving Mother: The Grieving Mother suddenly towers over you, her eyes burning. "Save your cruelty for our foes, Watcher. Do not raise your hand against a child again."
  • Aloth: Aloth's eyes are cold and dark as he looks back at you. "Fye and shame on ye, wickt creature."
  • Pallegina: Pallegina makes a sweeping motion with her hand near her neck and angrily mutters, "Batetica."
  • Edér: Edér stares you down. "Hey. How about we save the violence for someone who's a real threat next time, huh?"
If you already learned his secret and ask him for something else

He scratches his head and wrinkles his brow. "Um... sometimes my dad goes to Ondra's Gift without telling my mom. Some place called the Salty Mast."

  • Hiravias: "I suppose if I saw this kid come out of my wife, I'd lose interest too..."
  • Edér: "Hopefully he's one of those ones that goes there just to talk about his feelings."
  • Durance: "Hah! There's a secret worth some investigation."